I thought my first blog post should be something about what I have wondered often while starting to learn to sew, that is what fabric to use for what :). I am not a very good or experienced seamstress. Through this blog I would like to tell y’all (you can tell i have been living in south long enough) what I have learned myself therefore I don’t claim that everything I write here is the most comprehensive or ultimate truth. I am pretty sure there is still a lot to learn and maybe I will update the posts as I learn more over time.

Here it goes then:
Mainly I like to divide fabrics into three categories for sewing purposes based on the project I am tackling:

  • home decor
  • quilting
  • apparel
  • children’s apparel, a subcategory

Home Decor : Let’s start with this one. Home decor fabrics are usually medium to heavy weight cotton or other fabric which can be used to make upholstery, pillow covers, curtains, etc. A few common examples of such fabrics are brocade, cord, jacquard, damask, canvas, duck, tapestry cloth, and velveteen.

Quilting : Quilting fabrics are mostly cotton fabrics that are often light weight and much stiffer than the cotton fabric used for apparel. These fabrics come in many patterns and colors and are often very tempting to buy for making apparels. There are various schools of thought regarding the use of quilting cotton for apparel. I think there is no harm in using these for making apparel as long as they satisfy your needs. Usually they are stiff and so they don’t give a nice fall or drape to a skirt or a dress. But I really like using quilting cotton for making baby or toddler apparel. They come in so many fun prints and colors that they are hard to pass.

Apparel : Now there are lots of choices for apparel fabrics. I am only going to mention a few of those in this post. Cotton is an obvious choice for apparel fabric, and some others include linen, silk, and wool, which are all natural fibers. Then there are man-made fabrics such as chiffon (very similar to silk in feel), corduroy, denim, georgette, polyester, rayon, and viscose. One of the commonly used fabric for skirts and dresses is jersey knit which is kind of stretchy and lightweight. This website has more information about apparel fabric.

Children’s Apparel : Children’s apparel should be soft, comfortable and lightweight. Cotton works really well, minky, flannel, fleece, and seersucker are also good choices. Children’s apparel are also made from quilting fabric (just because they come in such cuter patterns).

I am providing some links to various pages that have information regarding various types of fabric below.

Now that we are talking about fabric I would also like to mention some of my favorite places for buying fabrics.

  • fabric.com (this website has huge collection of fabrics and free shipping after $35.00. Also, often you can find 10-20% off coupons on the internet)
  • fabricworm.com (this one I love for kids and modern print fabrics)
  • joann.com

I hope you feel more informed about fabric choices now. Happy sewing.