I have seen so may diaper clutch tutorials recently and could not wait to try make one. I also have many friends having babies recently. What a blessing and what luck 😉 So this past weekend, when one of my friends mentioned how things were lying around and getting lost in the big baby bag, I decided to give it a try.

Here goes the tutorial. I started with selecting 3 pieces:

  • the outer fabric for the diaper clutch (chevron! – one of the recent fashion favs),
  • the lining fabric and
  • some batting to give the clutch some weight.

Once you have the 3 pieces, Select how long and wide you want the diaper clutch to be. I wanted it 11 inch wide and 7 inch long(or less) and an extra 6 inch for the cover. So I cut the piece in 14.5 (7*2+seam allowance)+6.5(cover+seam allowance)=21 inch long by 11.5 inch wide. I cut all 3 pieces the same size.

Now align the 3 pieces one above the other such that the chevron and the blue lining are placed right sides together and the batting is placed on wrong side of lining. Press the chevron and lining before you sew (I forgot to press and did it at the end when the purse was finished. Always try to do it beforehand so you have the exact length of cloth in hand). As shown below: place them one above the other edges aligned, pin them together if you think the pieces might move before starting to sew the edges.

photo 2-11

Now, sew the three pieces together. Sew it on 3 sides and keep one smaller side (11 inch side) open to turn the purse right side out. Once you are done sewing and locking by back sewing, first cut the extra batting on the edges to prevent bulkiness on the edges. Turn the pieces inside out such that, the batting is between the chevron and the lining as shown below. Use a pen or scale to push out the corners for a sharp look. Again press it flat with hand and cut the extra batting from the open edge.

photo 3-9

Now, fold close the open side such that a little part of chevron is folded over the lining. Sew to close the opening in a straight line as shown in first picture below (you can use a straight stitch or a zig zag stitch so that the edge looks like a beautiful embellishment in itself). Basically, now you have a rectangle as seen below in second picture (again sorry about the no-press crumpled picture, its a lesson learnt)

photo 4-7         photo 5-5

Now leave 6 inches for cover (from the top of side opening you just sew) and fold over the other side of the rectangle, such that it forms a clutch as below:


Sew the two 7 inch sides as indicated in diagram above. Now you have the envelope for the clutch. Don’t forget to press the clutch.

Before you close the purse with a velcro or button or zip, place couple of things in it like a baby travel lotions kit, pack of diaper wipes and diaper to see how full the bag can get and how tightly you want to close it. Then do the markings to know where to stitch a velcro or button. I used a velcro. (PS: I had to hand sew the velcro and you might have to sew it very well for it to stay strong and that I felt was not going too well.)
What I might do differently next time: Since now I know where to place the velcro, I will try to stitch the velcro pieces by machine to right side of inner lining about 1.5-2 inches from above (so that its well aligned even after taking in the edge) and then start with the clutch. Learning as I go 🙂

Once you have the velcro stitched as below, you can close the bag and embellish it with buttons, lace, sequins or decorate with fabric paints and appliqués!! 🙂

DSC_0542   DSC_0533    photo 2-8