This is a quick and easy wall art (as the name suggests ;)) you can create in just few minutes and with few things. All you need is an old canvas that you have in the house with some old painting that you are bored of now, some pretty scrapbook papers and some paint. And rest is simple.

I painted the whole canvas with one color (contrasting or matching your pretty scrapbook paper). If you are using a dark color for the background you can just paint it right over the existing painting on the canvas but if you are using a lighter color for the background than an easy fix is to first mod-podge some old book pages on the canvas and then paint over it with your lighter color, like I did for the lemon green canvas in my case.

Once they are painted and dry, you can glue your scrapbook paper in the middle of the canvas. And you are done.

One tip, while putting on smaller pieces of wall art it is usually more interesting to put odd numbers of display on one wall, so like three or five is a good number rather than 2.

This is an easy and cheap way to change the decor for a while. I hope you will try this.

Richa :).