Oh! How we girls love frills, laces, smocking and gathering on our dresses. They always look sooooo pretty!. So here a pretty quick and easy DIY for gathered sleeves!

Gathering is technique in which a longer piece of material is gathered into even or uneven pleats, giving it a shorter length. Doing it with elastic thread keeps the gathers a little elastic and thus more stretchable where required. In that case, it is done using an elastic thread wound only in the bobbin of the machine while sewing.

Here, I used the elastic thread to hand sew with a needle. I had two tops lying around, a white sweater top with a very old vintage kind of long sleeves. A black top with sleeves I could not get along with. It was something in between a regular sleeve, a mega sleeve and cap sleeve. Tired of both of them looking so unkempt and uncomfortable, I decided to use the needle and elastic thread to sew my way through.

Check out the result

White sweater-top: Here, I used an elastic thread, especially since I wanted more comfort and stretching where the sleeves rounded over the elbow for free hand movement. As you see, I have gathered the sleeve on one side only. Also notice, I haven’t gathered it completely till the armhole. Now, it falls right over the elbow.

photo 1-18    photo 2-17

Black top: See how the gathered sleeve looks so pretty and creates a beautiful petal shape around the arm as well. Here I gathered the sleeve from end to end.

photo 5-10    photo 4-13

After this, I keep looking for projects to gather, like leggings and especially wide V-neck non-wearable t’s. It makes them fall well around the neck and wearable in a jiffy 🙂 Hope you like this quick DIY!