Hi friends, this is the first time we have tried to make a youtube tutorial for the zippered pouch. Since there were too many pictures, I thought a slideshow of images would work better. Though this is only an image slideshow with instructions and not a live movie, it was a fun experience learning about imovie, movie making,  youtube and wordpress uploading.

So, lets get started. Its easier than I thought it was!
For sometime now, I have told myself that anything which needed a zipper must be really hard to sew. Anything that needed “invisible” zipper all the more harder. Though the word invisible piqued my interest levels up to the point of wandering off to Harry Potter land and invisibility cloak :D, in this tutorial I have stuck to the regular zipper.

Before starting a project on straight fit skirt with a zip, I wanted to work on a basic zipper project. In our previous blogs, we made beautiful vibrant fabric toy baskets. But!, we are still running out of bags and pouches and purses. Enough is just not enough! So when I saw a plethora of painting supplies, calligraphy pens, charcoal pencils and paint brushes lying around, of course I thought of a zippered pouch.

Things you will need:
Fabric (maybe two pieces: one for pouch and one for lining) I used only one here, since the fabric I used was heavy and sturdy and I solely wanted to concentrate on attaching zipper and not get overwhelmed in the process of adding interfacing/ lining, laces, embroidery or doing ruffles etc.
zipper (zippers are available in various sizes and colors) Depending on how long you want the purse/pouch, select a longer zipper. You can later on sew across the zipper depending on what length you want the purse to be. Get the regular zipper not the invisible zipper.

the zipper foot and sewing machine (Below is picture of regular foot versus zipper foot)

photo 5-8

First step is Mark 2 identical fabric pieces (one for each side of purse), depending on how long and wide you want the purse to be. Take into account 1/4″ seam for each side.

Cut the fabric any shape you wish the purse to be, rectangle, square, round (leaving a straight line across one edge where you plan to put the zipper). You can also cut the other 3 sides of fabric or trim it more after you attached the zipper as well.

After we cut the fabric, the next step is to attach the zipper to the two straight ends of fabric as shown in this quick and easy video tutorial:

you will need to switch the regular foot on sewing machine with zipper foot twice to sew each side of zip onto fabric. Below are images of attached zipper and the final purse. The complete tutorial is in video.

photo 3-10 photo 5-6

I am happy to say that all my knick knacks are now well contained and are no more lost in the big box of hobby. And now that we have got the zip nailed or should I say sewn, I can’t wait to sew some really pretty combinations with lining, having laces and ruffles and trims.
You can attach laces and trims while attaching the zipper to enhance the look as well!. Have fun trying all sorts of combinations of colorful fabrics and colorful zippers!