Summer is almost here and skirts are so much fun in summer. In this post I would like to show you how easy it is to make a simple skirt and then adding whatever embellishments we want on it to “jazz” it up. Making a skirt is so easy that once you read this, you would like to make it right away.


Lets get started. All you need for making a simple skirt is the fabric, elastic and your basic sewing supplies.

First step is to take measurements of the person for which the skirt is being made. I wanted to make a skirt for one of my friends daughter. So I took her waist measure and the measurement for the length of the skirt, i.e. from her waist till her knee. If you are making a skirt for an adult than you will also need to take the measurement for the widest part, usually hip. In my case the waist was 18 inches and the height was 12 inches. Okay, once you have her actual measurement then you need to decide how full you want to have the skirt.

If you want a fuller skirt, then the fabric should be twice in width as the widest part of the body measurement you took. So in my case as its a baby, her waist is the widest part which was 18 inches and if i want a fuller skirt my fabric should be at least 36 inches. Tip: If you do not have enough wide fabric then you can use two pieces of equal size fabric that sum up to your final width, such as in this case two 18 inches pieces.

If you want less fuller skirt then the fabric should be 1 and 1/2 in width, which in my case would be 18+9 = 27 inches. If you are making a skirt for a toddler, I suggest you make a fuller skirt though.

The length of the skirt should be few more inches (allowing for the elastic at the top and hem in the bottom) than the length you measured. As I have used a 1 inch elastic, I used 3 inches extra for that length and an inch and a half for the bottom hem. My length of the fabric therefore is 16.5 inches (12 length+3 for elastic at the top +1.5 for the hem).

Once you have the fabric cut for the required length and width, you are ready to sew.

First sew the hem, I always like to sew the hem before as I think its easier when the fabric is not already formed into a skirt.  For this fold and iron the bottom of the fabric for however wide you want the hem to be. Similarly you can fold and iron the top part of the skirt for elastic sleeve, but do not sew it till you have the skirt structure ready.

DSC_0635You can do a decorative stitch rather than simple stitch for hemming if you want.

Next, fold the fabric in half and sew along the length. Also, now is the time to sew the top elastic sleeve. Go around and stitch all the way at the top leaving few inches (may be like 2 inches) from where to insert the elastic in. Make sure you double stitch the elastic sleeve as well as the side. I suggest you do a zig-zag stitch too along the side for extra strength. Check out the picture below.

DSC_0637Yayy!! Now just put the elastic in and you are done. Oh about that, always cut the elastic length as about 1.5 to 2 inches less than your waist. So in my case her waist was 18 so I used the elastic to be around 17 (16.5 inches + 0.5 inches for the overlap while stitching the elastic together). Put the elastic in from the space you left unstitched and then sew it shut. I usually use a safety pin to help me push in the elastic inside.

Ta da!! You are done with the basic skirt. I told ya its simple, now don’t you wanna make one right away ;).

DSC_0638Now for “jazzing it up” here are some ideas.

  1. You can add buttons.
  2. You can put lace at the bottom.
  3. You can mix different fabric pieces.
  4. You can add pockets in the front (Just like the pockets we added  in the fabric basket tutorial).

 I hope you will try making these for yourself this summer.

Happy Sewing,

Richa :).