Last weekend we went to the beach with our 11 month old son for the first time. I was so excited about taking him to the beach as it is my favorite vacation spot. Alas! he did not enjoy the ocean that much, but he did like to play in the sand. When we were buying stuff to go to the beach for Shlok (my son), I noticed that baby boy beach shorts are quite expensive (about $17-$20) and so an idea struck me, “Why not I make a pair of beach shorts for him.” But then I didn’t have enough time to buy the fabric. I decided to upcycle daddy’s old shorts for him :). Here is the tutorial and the picture of my cutest model wearing his shorts.


Things you will require:

Old pair of daddy’s beach shorts, any of the baby’s shorts for measurement and sewing supplies.


If possible use a pair of shorts (of the baby), that do not have elastic (unlike mine in the picture) for the measurement as the fabric for swim wear is not usually very stretchy.

Now fold baby’s shorts in the middle and trace the pattern on a piece of paper. Make the pattern about a half inch bigger than the actual shorts.


Next cut the pattern and trace it on to the daddy’s shorts. For this put the pattern piece on one leg of the bigger shorts such that the bottom of the pattern matched the bottom of the shorts and the edges meet too(this way you wont have to hem the shorts and sew the sides) and trace along the line as shown in the picture below. The markings are with fluorescent ink in the picture. Trace the pattern on the second leg too. Then cut along the tracing.


You will have two pieces as shown below.


Now as we traced the pattern at the edge of daddy’s shorts, we already have the sewn edges and bottom. So the only part to sew is the middle and the inside seam (shown with red dotted lines). We start with sewing the top middle part. For this you first open both the legs and pin them as shown in the picture below. The middle part when opened looks like the sides which need to be sewn and the sides fall in the middle. Remember to sew along only till the middle part and leave the bottom leg part still.


I did zig zag stitch along the edges twice just to be sure. Now hold it from one of the sides that you stitched and put it in the middle. This will once again make the already stitched edges of daddy’s shorts as the edges of baby’s shorts. See the picture below for clearer idea. Now you need to stitch the inside seam.


Once that is done the only thing left is to make the elastic sleeve at the top and insert the elastic or a string (as in my case) in that sleeve.


Fold around an inch on the top for the elastic or string and sew all around leaving around an inch or two for the elastic to go in. Once you have the elastic in you can close that opening too. In my case I used string, so I first sewed the whole sleeve all around and then made two holes in the front of the shorts to put the string in and take out. And yes you are done :).
You can also make regular shorts in the same manner for your kiddos.


Hope this was comprehensible. Please comment if you have any questions and I will try to explain it as much as I can.


Happy Sewing,