Last month we had a post on summer skirt. This time its a variation of that: a fun and wavy circular skirt!  Its my niece’s birthday this month and I thought of putting together a few skirts for her for summer.

Here are some pictures of the orange circular skirt with a coordinating top and a straight yellow polka dotted skirt I sew for her:


The circular skirt:

First lets start by taking measurements, as shown in series of pictures below:

I marked the measurements on paper. Fold the paper twice; once lengthwise and once breadthwise so it has 4 overlaps. Cut the pattern as per measurements below to get an idea of how it looks.
For measurements: Measure the waist circumference, In my case the measurement was 18 inches. Divide the circumference by 2(Pi) to get the radius. Radius = 18/2*3.14=2.88 approx 3 inches

Fold you cloth twice such that there are now 4 overlaps of fabric. Now taking 3 inch radius as calculated start from one corner of fabric and mark a quarter circle as shown below. This you can do using the old technique of tying pencil or chalk to a thread to create an instant compass. Now for the length of the skirt, I took about 10 inches + seam =11 inches. You can measure from waist to knee. Now, mark another quarter circle (3+11=14inches) radius from the corner you marked first quarter from. It can be seen better on the red piece of fabric below. Cut along both the markings. The pattern you get is a circular skirt.

photo 1-030 photo 1-27photo-18

Now, fold-in the lower end of the skirt, that falls around knee about 1/4 inch and sew using a zigzag stitch to avoid fraying. You can also do a straight stitch.

Next for the waistband,
You can either directly sew a thick elastic band to the skirt. Since the circumference of skirt waist was 18inch. Your elastic can be can be 17 or 16 inches, so that it fits a little snuggier over the waist. Elastic bands come in various patterns and colors and you can get any that matches your skirt.

Or you can sew a band through which you can pass the elastic. I liked this method more. For this, take the same, coordinating or contrasting piece of fabric and cut a length about 19 inches or more if you would like pleats in the band. Cut it about 7 inches wide. Now fold the fabric lengthwise. Sew the right sides together along the length of the fabric, to get a pipe. Turn it inside out to get the waistband right sides out. This pipe or tube is what you will pass the elastic through.

photo-21 photo 4-18photo 5-15

Now, sew the band to the waist as shown below:


Once the band is in place, you can pass the elastic through the open ends of the band. Stretch the elastic and sew its open ends tightly with a zigzag stitch. Once, the elastic is inside the band, sew up the open end of the band by a decorative stitch along with the elastic. You can embellish it with a lace, buttons or flowers. I embellished it with a flower made from leftover piece of fabric and a button.

photo 5-015      photo 3-21

Now I can’t wait for my niece to put it on, while I take cute pictures of her!..Hope you guys like the tutorial.

Happy sewing!