Its a week away from any substantial sewing. I learnt a few new stitches and hemming the right way using hem foot which I would love to post soon. Till then while we cook up the next post for you, checkout the oatmeal storage boxes and labeled canisters for kitchen shelf in this post!

Storage oatmeal boxes with labels:

Things you will need: Used empty oatmeal boxes, chevron card paper, gift bag labels for labeling.

Checkout the oatmeal cans converted to storage cans for cookies, oat, cornflakes, biscotti, brown rice etc 🙂 I especially like their large size for storing craft stuff and pencils, paint brushes, sketch pens and other stationary.

photo 2-27     photo 1-30

Chalkboard labels on glass canisters using chalkboard spray paint and stencil:

Things you will need:
stencil print downloaded from web, cutter, painters tape,  chalkboard paint (hobby lobby) and brush, silver acrylic paint for label border and chalk.

photo 2-28       photo 3-24photo 4-19                 photo 3-23

Hope you will enjoy a quick DIY!