We recently had a “crafty” girls night and made some wreaths. They were very simple and fun to do and here are some ideas on how you can make them. Sorry for the bad and/or lack of pictures, I meant to take them but got so involved in the fun that forgot. I hope that you guys can make it out by looking at the pictures I have and the instructions. Please comment if anything seems too complicated and I will try to explain. DSC_0776Material required:

  • You need a wreath form (I got mine from hobby lobby for 4 bucks). If you want you can buy those long swimming noodles from dollar store or Walmart and duct tape both the ends and make a circular wreath form from it too (cheaper and yet gives the same look.)
  • Next you need burlap fabric/ribbon to wrap around it.
  • And you will also need some contrasting fabric to make flowers to stick them on the wreath. Other than these three things you need hot glue gun and scissors, that’s it :).

First step is to wrap your wreath form with burlap ribbon. Some of my friends bought the chevron burlap ribbon role from hobby lobby also some of them just wrapped their wreath form with regular fabric. I had this burlap cloth lying in my craft room for a long time and so I decided to make my own ribbon.


How to make burlap ribbon: An easy way to cut the burlap cloth in straight line is to lay it flat on the ground and start pulling out a piece of thread from the burlap were you want to cut the fabric from. As you can see when you pull out one thread out it makes a straight line and you can cut along that line. So I cut several strips of burlap and then paint it the way you want. I wanted a polka dot ribbon so I used a cork from wine bottle, dipped it in the paint and then pressed it on my ribbon. Let it dry overnight before using it. Mine is the left one in the picture above.

How to make the fabric flower: To make these fabric flowers we will need strips of fabric of your choice. The longer the strip the bigger the flower will be. I decided to make two to three different size flowers and also to add two strips of different fabric to make a two color flower. I am sure you can come up with more creative ideas. Okay once you have the strips, get your hot glue gun ready and tie a knot at the starting tip of the fabric strip. Now begin twisting and rounding up the fabric around that knot and gluing along after every other round or at each round if you want (Check out the picture below). Once the required width is reached you have a flower. Glue the end tip of the fabric on the flower. Make several such flowers of different length and you are done. Now glue them to the wreath in a cluster at one end.


In the end I also added alphabet “T” to make it more personalized. I used two of the paint sticks we had that were not already used and hot glued them to make a “T”. So here you are with a burlap wreath. Hope you will try it.