In this post I would love to share with you instructions to make some quick and easy fabric bookmarks. I made them as small thank you gifts for my husband’s aunts and I thought they turned out cute. So here we go.


Material required: Fabric, ribbons, buttons, a thick piece of fabric as liner or some interfacing such as the Pellon 809 decor bond interfacing and the usual sewing accessories.

The first step is to choose a design that you want your fabric bookmark to be like. I chose this fun dress form design for it. So draw the design on a piece of paper and cut it.


After that for each book mark you will need to cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of interfacing. I have iron-on interfacing, so for the next step I ironed on the interfacing on one of the fabric pieces.


Now before sewing the two pieces of fabric together you need to insert the ribbon in between them. I added a button at one end of the ribbon to weigh it a little. You can hot glue the ribbon or sew it on. Once thats done then you put the ribbon in between the fabrics and glue it with one of the piece of fabric.

DSC_1348 DSC_1351

Finally sew it all together, I did a zig-zag stitch for decorative purpose as well as it helps the fabric from fraying.  And here you have a finished cute little fabric bookmark.


I made some personalized ones for the aunts by embroidering their initials on one side of the fabric.


Hope you guys will try it.

Happy Sewing,
Richa 🙂