Hello friends, Idea of simple cotton top is like a cool breeze in summer! isn’t it? Today we are going to do a quick and easy sleeveless summer top. Hope you find this tutorial easy to do. The top took about an hour to make and it was really fun. The later additions did take some time, but you can definitely leave it plain or embellish it according to how you want.  I am glad this simple top opened up a plethora of options for DIY summer tops.

Things you need:

1.5 yards summer cool, light, cotton material. (I now realize how important it is to choose the perfect garment material. From my initial failures in making skirts, where I tried to use heavy board cloth, which was a disaster! I am learning the importance of choosing the right fabric. I am still on the lookout for the perfect material for formal skirts. I thought of suiting material, but want to have some stretch in the skirt. So will experiment some more in coming days. If you have any inputs please do share.)

You can again use a body chart for measurements as shown below. You will need bust and neck to hip measurements. or you can use your own cotton top for measurement.


Fold the fabric as shown in figure and fold cotton top in half.  Align as shown and cut the fabric keeping 1 inch seam.

photo 1-36 photo 2-32

Trace around the neck of the top. Check out the arm and neck lengths in figure below.
Now open the folds. You will have two pieces (front and back)
Take one piece (front) , take in 1/2 inch seam on the wrong side and sew completely all the raw sides with zig zag or straight stitch to avoid fraying. You can leave hemming the neckline for later if you plan to do something with it. This step gives a clean look to the top especially in the arms. Do the same for the other price(back).

Now, Align the two pieces right sides facing each other. If you need to attach sleeves, it is possible to do it at this step. First sew the pieces at the shoulder and then sew sleeves into the armholes as shown in diagram below.

photo 1 (1)

Next, Take in remaining 1/2 inch seam and sew the sides (from arm to waist) with a straight stitch.

photo 3-31 photo 5-19

Turn you top inside out again and its partially ready. Add piping at neckline if you wish or just hem it.
Also, you could add piping at bottom to weigh the top down a bit. You can also add embellishments/lace etc to the top.

photo 5-20

A straight fit and a very breathable and comfortable top is ready to go. Hope you will try one too!

Happy sewing! 🙂