On my last birthday my husband surprised me with an iPad among the various other surprises he gave me. I was so excited to get it and wanted to sew a sleeve for it for a long time. I had sewn one for a friend a long time back when iPad had just come out, so I finally got a chance to sew one for me. Here it goes –


Material Required: You will need two different fabric pieces for the outside and the inside of the sleeve, a lining (I used pellon 987F fusible fleece) and buttons or velcro.

Ipads measure around 9.5 inches by 7.5 inches. You will need the fabric to measure around 24 inches by 9 inches. Cut the fusible fleece or the material you are using for the lining a little smaller than the fabrics. I used a 23 inches by 8 inches fusible fleece. We are going to take a long fabric and sew it along the sides to envelop the ipad and an extra 4 inches to make a flap at the top. Check out the picture below.


Now as my fleece was fusible so I ironed it on the inside of my fabric i am using for the front of the sleeve. If you have a non fusible lining you can just sew all the three together (go to the next step) and  skip this step.

The next step is to sew them together. By placing the right sides of the outside fabric and the inside fabric together sew along the (wrong) three sides leaving an opening on the shorter side as shown in the picture.


This opening will help us turn the sleeve inside out. Once you have the sleeve turned right side, fold it into almost half (along the shorter side) with one side being 4 inches bigger than the other and sew along the two sides out as shown in the picture below with red lines (red lines denote the sides to be sewn). Make sure that the side you are sewing on is the inside of the sleeve as after this step we will turn the sleeve inside out again and we do not need to see the stitches on the outside fabric. This brown fabric is my inside of the sleeve.


I used the zig zag stitch as well as straight stitch along those two sides to make sure it is very secure. Once that is sewn you need to turn the sleeve inside out again and you will have the outside fabric of the sleeve outside and the side that you just sewed as the inside of the sleeve.

Next step is to close up that opening on the top of the flap and put on some clasp such as a button or a velcro. Fold and iron the two, bottom and top fabric, about half an inch each towards the inside as shown in the picture below. Once it is firmly pressed sew them together as shown in the next picture (along the red line).



You are almost done. Last step is to put the velcro on the flap as well as the main body of the top of the sleeve. Use the sewing velcro and not the sticky type.


And you are done. I know this sleeve tutorial has lot of “turning it inside out” but I am telling you this is the fastest and least sewing iPad sleeve I can think of. I hope you will give it a try.

Happy Sewing,