Continuing the promise of refashioning and recycling ideas, the second post is about converting  mommy’s t-shirt to a skirt for a baby/toddler. September is national sewing month and we would really love for you all to try to sew something and I am hoping this easy up-cycle will really encourage you guys to sew.

I was trying to come-up with something that requires minimum sewing, can be done using some existing clothing and still could be useful. This project can even be done by someone who doesn’t own a sewing machine :). So lets begin.


Material required would be an old t-shirt, some elastic, thread and sewing machine (or needles if you are sewing with hand).

First thing is to measure the length of an existing skirt of your toddler and add 3 inches to it. In my case I was trying to make a skirt for a two year old and my measurements for the skirt was 13 inches. Next lay your tee shirt on a plain surface and cut the required length as shown in the picture below (in my case it was 16 inches).


Next you turn the tee inside out and fold and iron 1.5 inches from the top of your cut piece for making the casing for elastic band  as indicated by the red line on this next pic. Then sew all along it leaving a small gap not sewn so that you can insert the elastic.


Last step is to put the elastic in it and sew that gap. You are all done.


Now for some embellishments, you can add pockets, lace, buttons, appliques,  etc. as you wish. I added pockets in the above skirt. For pockets, cut two equal square pieces of fabric and fold and iron them along all the four edges. Then sew all side.


Now you can place them on the skirt wherever you want and sew the three sides on the skirt leaving the top side open. I added buttons for some additional cuteness.


Below is the picture of another skirt that I made from another of my T-shirt and I added lace on it.


I hope this upcycle is easy and tempting enough for you all to try. Do comment if you have any questions.

Happy sewing,