Today’s post is the easiest and quickest DIY!. What gave rise to it, well a recent trip to Alaska. The excitement of trip was on as It involved a lot of hiking, mountain climbing, glacier climbing, animal,birds and whale watching and cruises. Lot of different opportunities to test tired legs, get some swollen knees, giving up early morning sleep, testing sea sickness, avoid falling down the glacier, keep your face from freezing and avoid being eaten by a bear. It was going to be one adventurous trip. So, we wanted to capture all we could in our camera with great quality pictures, no blurs and shakes. We had brought a monopod for some easy videoing and tripod to take photos for HDRs/panoramas. I think we kind of went a little overboard with the preparation 😛 Carrying all that equipment smartly on hikes was the main concern after that. We had a laptop bag, another handbag and did not want to carry a third bag for camera solely. So after a bit of tweaking, our  laptop bag converted to a camera and accessory bag. Here is a quick tutorial for it.

Using welcro attachments on sides of the bag, proved very useful to carry anything from tripod, monopod to hanging water bag, plastic bags, umbrellas (you name it 😉

To start with use the hook and loop non adhesive welcro. Before this I tried to use elastic and adhesive welcro and both did not work.  Elastic was either too loose or too tight and did not offer the flexibility for both monopod and tripod. Also, the tripod was kind of heavy for elastic. While adhesive welcro….well you guessed it right! The adhesive welcro did not stick!! it came out in a few hours. I haven’t had a good experience with the adhesive welcro, so it goes in storage now to maybe used for a further project.

Next, put on the bag on your shoulder. Check the height of monopod and tripod and mark where you want the loops on the bag. I made two loops for tripod and one for monopod. Since tripod was heavier it needed two loops to hold it better. Measure how much welcro you need by taking it around the tripod as shown in figure below and cut it in two pieces. Sew the welcro on both sides, make sure you are sewing it such that the two pieces snap onto each other.

photo 3 (1)photo 1 (1)

photo 1 photo 2  photo 3

photo 5photo 4

As, you can see I have 3 loops, 2 on one side for tripod and one loop on another side for monopod and the bag is ready for hike. The best part is you can make it hold as tightly as you want for anything you want. My husband graciously offered to model it, yayy! 🙂

We realized all uses of it on the trip and I am glad it came in so handy. Sharing a few pictures from our trip!


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