This would probably be our last post in refashioning clothing for a while but we loved doing it and hope some of it was useful for you guys too.

Winter is approaching and I have been thinking about ideas for making some pants for my little one. If you have a little boy you should definitely check out this blog I found Mind you the list she has on this post is addictive. So go on this link and be prepared to be sucked in. I spent like so many hours browsing through it. It has tons of boy stuff you can sew, which makes me soo happy, not that i have sewn much from the list ;).

From  her list there I found this other blog which has free pattern for making boy shorts. I loved her pattern and have made tons of shorts for my son from her pattern. Anyways, so I used her shorts pattern and tweaked it to make pants and especially pants from one of my skirt. Here how it is (Please excuse the mess in the background, I have a toddler who loves to take stuff out from the drawers).

DSC_1420 DSC_1443

Isn’t he adorable :).

So here we go. What we need is one of your spare skirt, thread, sewing machine, elastic and this pattern .

Lets’s begin by first laying your skirt flat on your working surface and cutting of the top part of the skirt i.e. the waist band as shown below. My skirt had a zipper which made it little trickier but it worked.

DSC_1421Now the pattern from cailamade has two pieces, the front piece and the back piece and you are supposed to cut two pieces and then sew them together. But me being lazy and also trying to refashion this skirt, did not cut two separate pieces of fabric for front and back. So how I did that was to first lay the back pattern on the back side of the skirt and trace it. Also as we are making full pants, so just extend the bottom to the amount of length needed for your toddler. I extended the length all the way to the bottom of my skirt. This way I even avoided sewing the hem as well as the sides :).  Do it for both left and right leg, as shown in the picture below. Then cut the skirt along the traced line. Cut the whole skirt, don’t worry we will cut the front pattern later.


Now open and lay it straight the left leg piece of your cut skirt and take the front pattern piece and put it on the front part of the skirt and trace it (as shown in the picture). Do it for the other side too. (You have two different pieces of fabric for left and right leg now because you already cut them in the back panel size in the earlier step).


Then carefully cut only the front side, (that will be the right side for this above shown picture) for each leg.  After you are done with it, you will have two pieces as shown below.


Next put the right sides together of the two fabric and pin and sew along the red lines as in the below picture.


All this steps of sewing the two pieces together are similar to what cailamade explained in her post, so if you find something confusing here you can certainly refer to her post too.

Next we sew the legs. Legs are sewn the opposite way, that is we do not sew back and back and front and front of the two legs as shown above, but we sew front and back of right leg together and front and back of left leg together. So, open the pants you have made so far and do that. Check out the picture below for what I am talking about. You see the pins where I am supposed to sew the legs. Now do that and turn your pants inside out and you are almost done.



Next make the casing for your elastic (that is sew around the top of your pants with leaving an opening for putting the elastic in) and put it in. Sew the casing shut. I used 18 inch long elastic which was like 1 inch less then my son’s waist.


And tada!! you have a pant from one of your old skirt for to your toddler. Here are some more pics of him modelling for me.


Happy sewing,