I came up with this idea last minute but I like it. These hanging ghosts literally take 5 minutes to make and you don’t need any special supplies for it.


Here you go. All you need are white trash bags, scarp papers/newspaper, wool or thread and a stick.



First cut out the string that in on the top of the trash bag used to tie it.


Then make a ball of the newspapers which would be the head of the ghosts.


Now put your trash bag diagonally as shown in the pic below and insert your ball of newspaper in it.


Tie it with a white string or white wool as I did. Next make a hole at the top of the head and insert a black wool or even white string and tie it with the ghost.


You can make fringes by cutting the edges of the ghost or you can leave it just like that.


Take your ghost outside and hang it where ever you want to. Then finally use a stick and put it inside the hanging ghosts to make kind of arms. And you are done.