This post is not directly about Christmas craft but the drawstring bag I am going to make here can be used to pack small cute Christmas gifts. I know I can’t help myself :). Here is a picture of one I made, and plan to make more.

DSC_1791 (2)

My mother-in-law bought a cute folding fan recently and she needed a bag to carry it in and that’s how I came up with this bag. Here is a picture of the fan, its quite pretty.

DSC_1793 (2)

Its an easy project so you can make several of these in one sitting. Here we go : All you need for this project is the fabric of your choice and matching thread and your sewing machine.

So to begin with you first need to decide the size of the bag depending on what you are going to put in it. Mine was to be used to put this long and slim folding fan. Therefore I used the fabric which was almost 6 inches longer/taller than the fan and little over twice the width of the fan. Once you have the measurements cut the rectangle of that size. You are going to fold that piece of fabric length wise to make a pocket in which you will keep your stuff. Also you will need two strips of fabric for the strings. You can either make the draw strings from the same fabric as I did in this case or you can go ahead and  use some other contrasting/matching fabric as a string.


Before you make the pocket the next step is to make the casing in which you will put the strings in. For this take your main fabric (the one you are using to make the bag and not the strings) and fold the top of it twice, once very thin like 1/4 inches and then again almost 1 inch and iron it. Once ironed pin it and sew along the edges (shown below in the picture as red arrow) making a casing (similar to how you make casing for elastics in skirts and pants).


Then we fold the fabric into half, length wise, to make the pocket, pin it and sew along the two sides as shown in the latter picture in red lines. But before that make a small cut at the top where you made the casing in the previous step, as shown in the picture below. This will help in putting the strings to make it drawstring.



Once you have sewn the remaining two sides, you are done with the bag and now comes the drawstring making part.


For making the string, you can either use the same fabric or you can use an actual string or a contrasting/matching fabric. I used the same fabric, but if I think about it now, a string would have been a better option (Saves you time in making the string with the fabric and is easier to draw and tighten). Anyways, I will show you here how I made the string out of the same left over fabric. I basically cut two thin strips of that fabric and folded each of them like double bias tape and sew them.


Now once you have two of these strings ready, you need to insert it in your bag. Turn your bag right side out and insert the first string using a safety pin or a hair pin from one hole/side/cut and out from the other, as shown in the photo below.


Now take the next string and insert it from the other hole, the one which is not the entry or exit hole/side/cut of the first string :P. I guess the picture would be a better way to explain it. In the first pic I have place the second string on top of the bag to show you how it is supposed to go. Once you have both  the strings in, you will have both sides of one string coming out from one end and the other string from the other side, as shown in the second pic.


DSC_1803Now you can either sew the edges of the strings together or tie them. If you have an actual string it would be better to tie a knot at both ends of your drawstrings. And there it is, a simple draw string bag.