Hey Guys, how is everyone’s holiday season going? Thanksgiving was so late this year that Christmas seems to have come very early. Shlok and I got really sick a week ago and still recovering so I lost another week before Christmas to do any of my Christmas stuff. But anyways enough of my ranting and cribbing :P. I am starting to feel better now and ready to show you guys how I made this Noel sign. Its quite easy and I am sure you can make it in 3-4 hours. So let’s begin:


A canvas of whatever size you think would be big enough for the wall (I just got mine from Michaels 16X20 for 4 bucks). You will also need some paint (I used acrylic paints), one base color for the background and black color for the wooden effect and off white or white color for the letters. For the sign I used wooden letters I got from Michaels too. But if you are good with calligraphy you can just paint it rather than these wooden letters and save some more money. Although I did like this 3-d effect the wooden letters gave. Lastly you will need mod podge, glue and brushes.


I started first with the canvas and while it was drying painted my letters. To give the distress wooden look on the canvas I found this tutorial by Marisa Howard Design that helped. She start with applying mod-podge on the canvas and then painting on the dried canvas with the background color. I liberally applied the background color which for me was light brown (more like reddish brown).


Now while the canvas is drying I painted the wooden letters in off white paint. And once the paint is dried off the wooden letters, I used black paint and dry brushed over the letters. This gave a worn out look to them. Check out the picture below. (Don’t mind the newspaper please).


Once the letters are ready, now lets get back to our canvas. I did the dry brush technique with the black paint (like quite a lot) on the canvas too. It looked something like this the picture below.


Now once I have that all dried up, I used a very thin brush with black paint and drew two lines horizontally across the canvas to make it look like wooden planks.


You are almost done at this point and last step remaining is gluing the letters and decoration as I did in the next step.


Hope you will try it. If you have any questions don’t forget to comment below and I will try to answer.