Hi friends!,

Wish you all a very happy and wonderful 2014 ahead! Its been sometime since our last post about Xmas decorations and Noel sign. Hope you all enjoyed doing holiday decorations and cherished wonderful time with your family and friends! Setting up the Christmas tree, the presents, doing family dinner, playing dirty Santa and White Elephant; Yes! we did all of that and I wish we could post pics from all the innovative ideas our friends came up with as gifts for white elephant. That game is so awesome hilarious! So heres welcoming 2014 with some enhancements to the website coming soon! and a new blog post.

Diy Flowy Sleeves: During one of those unending sales at Kohls, I found this inexpensive top. Happy to have it, I could envision a mini-project calling in it. It was a good length top, more like a dress than a top, but its mega sleeves were too large to wear it comfortably. Check out the first look below.

photo 1-40

Since, the length was good I decided to use some of it to make sleeves.  Calls for a happy dance right now! Because trying to find a fabric that would do good for a sleeve is a lot of work. Its best if the piece can be acquired from the dress itself saving hours of digging in stores or online. I have had some luck with finding lace and chiffon material for sleeves before; but not for such kind of printed fabric. So without further hesitation, I traced out the length of a well fitting top over this and cut out the bottom.

photo 2-35

The cut pieces from the back and front as  below.

photo 3-33

The pieces were symmetrical and looked perfectly cut out to be sewn in as sleeves.

photo 4-24

Since the pieces were longer than expected, I decided to start short at the back and leave a longer flowing front making them into cute flowy sleeves. (Sorry should have taken more pictures of this step) If you want symmetrical sleeves or fitting sleeves you can cut the sleeve pieces further making them shorter and then sew them.  Place the wrong sides together, align the sleeves, pin them. Then turn them inside out to make sure the sleeve looks correct. I have more than once sewn the wrong and right sides together :P. After than turn it back to wrong sides together and sew the pieces.

photo 5-21

Once this is done, the longer front needs to be sewn to the side seams of the top. Pin and hand-sew them to make sure the sleeves fall symmetrically on both sides. You can resew using machine later for a stronger stitch. And you are done! Check out the fun sleeves! Hope this post will be helpful.

photo 1-41