Hey All! we are trying to make some changes in our blog appearance and are pretty excited about it. We will keep you posted.

Its been so cold here, well comparatively cold for Birmingham, AL weather 😛 that I have not been able to motivate myself enough to stay up late at night outside my comforter and sew something. Also, in this weather I feel like making hot/warm soups and brownies, yummm!!, which leads me to show you all these new hot pads I made.

This is a tutorial for easy hand made hot pads that you can gift your girl friends and make some for yourself too ofcourse.


I made two for my grand mother-in-law and have made some before too. It literally takes half an hour or little more to make each of them. So here it goes.

You will need fabric of your choice, contrasting/matching extra wide double fold bias tape  (1/2 or 1 inch wide bias tape) and matching thread. You will also need some cotton batting or cotton fleece and “insul-bright” heat resistant lining.


Now lets cut and assemble all of it. Start with the dimension you want. You can measure an existing hot pad and use its dimensions to make your new ones. Once you decide how big your hot pad would be start cutting all the material.

Cut -two pieces of the main fabric, -two pieces of the cotton batting or fleece and -one piece of the insul-bright. Now layer them like this :- first piece of fabric, then the cotton batting, then the insul-bright. And then again the cotton batting, then finally the fabric, as shown in the picture below.


Now pin everything together and sew several parallel lines across the pad surface making sure all the pieces are together and aligned. You can be more creative and do some slanting lines or other such style of sewing as they do in quilting (I have never made any quilts ever so I just chose the simple parallel lines). I forgot to take a picture at this point but in the next photo you will see what I am talking about.

Once you are done with running your machine over all of them now to finish the product you need to apply the bias tape at the border. Buy a contrasting or matching double fold bias tape and sew it along the edges of the hot pad. Use a little extra in length than the circumference of the pad and make a loop at the end which could be used to hang the hot pad, as shown in the pic below. Be careful while putting the bias tape at the corners, I messed up on few, but if you practice and pin enough you will get it.


And Tada! you are done with the easy-peasy hot pads. Here is the other one below.


Hope you got inspired and will make some for yourselves. I am going to :). As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Happy sewing and stay warm,