Hi all, this post is mostly a brag post about my son and also a little bit about how I made an ABC canvas for him.


I know all moms think there kids are geniuses and so do I. My 19 month old son Shlok has recently started taking interest in anything else other than playing with the useless household items (he never liked his toys much anyways). He has gotten more and more interested in his books and also in learning alphabets (yayyy!!). He has this leap frog toy laptop that teaches alphabets to the kids and Shlok has been spending a lot of time with it. He has learned few random alphabets (A, B, I, J, O, P, R, S, T, U and Z to be more precise so far) and I am so proud of him. Its so cute, now that he knows these alphabets, he tries to find them everywhere and say them aloud. He is little shy though so does not perform for me all the time when asked in front of others. But otherwise he tries to find these alphabets and speak them out. He is also getting into numbers although he only knows 9 and 2 so far. I will try to make something for numbers too as my next project for him. (Okay, lastly I think my child is so smart, hehehe, bragging over!!)

Anyways, now that I am done bragging let me tell you all about this easy project for your toddlers room. I have this corner in his room which I want to make as his reading corner. I want to decorate it with fun educational stuff and have been looking for charts and posters or art works to hang there. This ABC canvas that I am showing in this post will go there and is first of few more wall art I will do and post for you guys to get some ideas and inspiration from. Below is a picture of the corner of his room I am talking about and him sitting in his Elmo chair reading a book. I do want to change shelf too with a more stable and smaller bookshelf. Here is how I did it.


You will need canvas, wooden small letters and some wooden characters (I got a pack of 36 alphabets, some of the more common ones were duplicate in the pack, for around $4 from Joann’s and each of the characters where 59 cents). You can also find these wooden letters and characters (lion, ball, elephant, zebra, star and train) in a craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. You will also need acrylic paints, mod-podge and hot glue gun or some other strong glue. And yes of-course paint brushes.


So first paint the canvas in the color of your choice, I used two coats of red paint. Once the paint dries off, coat the whole canvas with one coat of mod-podge. While the canvas is drying, choose some vibrant colors contrasting the canvas background color and paint each of the letters with two coats at-least. Be careful to paint the corners and edges of the alphabets too.


Once everything is dried, place each of the characters and alphabets on the canvas to decide their placement. You don’t have to be very precise about the placing but its still better to make sure everything fits. Once that is decided, fire up your glue gun and start gluing them in place.


And yayy, you are done with a useful ABC canvas for your toddler room that I am sure he will enjoy looking at. Just check this picture below and see how excited he is about it already!!!