Have you ever tried your hands on appliques. If not this Valentine’s day would be a good time to give it a shot. Don’t wait, find some red or pink fabric and try something on, it will be fun I am telling you. Also the easiest fabric to work would without worrying about fraying and stuff would be fleece or felt fabric. Try with that first if you like.

In this post I am showing you guys a quick applique work I did for my then 7 month old son last year for 14 February. Unfortunately, I don’t have any picture of him wearing it but trust me he looked super cute. I looked in my old laptop and found two pics of him. Here it is and below is the outfit picture.



Now this was my kind of first attempt in doing appliqué and I didn’t have anything fancy to apply the appliqué on etc., so I just hand and machine stitched the pattern on to his outfit. For this I used an existing onsie, a pants and an old tie my husband got as a gag gift in some game few years ago.
First I used the thinner end of the tie to make suspenders for the onsie. And sewed them on the onsie directly. I also added two buttons at the end to make it look more like suspenders.


Here is what it looked like. Also, because the tie is already folded there is no worry of it fraying after you wash it.


After that I took the other end (the broad end) of the tie, opened it and ironed it really well so that it’s straight and without any crease mark. Next I traced a heart shape on the back side of that tie fabric and cut it.
Finally I sewed that on the back of his pants (bum area) like this.


And that is how I did my first appliqué work, not very sophisticated or thorough but it worked and especially if you are just trying your hands on it, this is a good way to start. Once you feel comfortable then you can buy those fusible backing and stuff to do more intricate appliqués.


Have an awesome valentines day you all. And happy sewing.