Are we there yet? Nope looks like the winter this year was too long and too cold and too wet! Its been a very rainy summer too. I am so ready to put my hiking shoes on and get out for some nice hikes in lovely evergreen Georgia state parks! Did you know the great Appalachian trail starts from north Georgia and ends in Maine and it takes anywhere from about 3-6 months to do it? We have plans to hike the first 8 miles of trail in Georgia 😛 starting with baby steps. But while the weather is still in its undecided state, we did go for a lake trip last weekend since I will take whatever warm days we can get.

Here is a quick refashion of a bellbottom linen pants to shorts for spring/summer.
The pants are great and I have worn them a lot, so thought they would make comfortable linen shorts for summer. Check out this easy peasy tutorial.

photo 3-37

First, use some existing shorts you have to cut the length of the pant. Leave a few inches for seam, or more than few like 2-3 inches if you want a cuff. More for bigger cuffs. I used a 3/4th length pant for measure, since I wanted a knee length shorts. Keeping the extra length for cuffs.

photo 1-43

Cut as shown in picture. Keep extra length if you want cuffs.

photo 2-38

Note to self: Oops! Iron it out before any more sewing 😛

photo 3-36

Sew a 0.5 inch seam with a straight stitch along the raw edges to avoid fraying.

photo 5-23

After that fold the bottom edge twice to form a cuff. Make a big or a small cuff, whichever length cuff you like. Cuffs have made a big comeback this season and I absolutely adore them.

photo 3-37

Heres the tricky part. Do not sew the entire cuff, since cuff are supposed to look a little shabby and not very prim. Take a needle and thread and sew 4 quick stitches at 4 places along the cuff to hold the cuff in place. Two on the side edges and 2 in middle front and back on each leg. Then put a button or lace or you could even put an elastic along the edge to gather it. Embellish it with silver/gold/sparkle stud design as you like.

photo 4-28

Here is the picture of the perfect knee length shorts ready to hit the trails or a trip to the beautiful colorful botanical garden 🙂
If you are in and around Atlanta area it is a must go in spring, with their most exotic Orchid garden, rainforest garden and ofcourse the tulips.

photo 5-25

Din’t I say it was an easy peasy project. Hope you like it!