So what do you do when your toddlers grow out of their clothes? Oh well, may be donate them, but they are so absolutely cute that you can’t bear to part with them. Have you felt that! Well check out this awesome project one of our friends Ramya (another new sewing enthusiast!) did for her daughter’s 3rd birthday. And though she just bought a new sewing machine, she had started on this project long before with only a needle and thread and no machine. Ain’t it awesome what creativity we can conjure up with our hands. Glad we can share this first guest project here with you all.


This is what it started out with. The cute comfortable but calf length jeans! Why do babies grow so fast??

photo 3

To increase the length, buy some coordinating fun piece of fabric for making frills/ruffles at the bottom. Probably 1/2 a yard of fabric will be enough for this project. She bought this fabric from walmart for $3. It goes so well with those flower design on the jeans pockets!
Cut the width of fabric for as wide as you want the frills to go, say till your toddler’s feet. Cut the length of fabric piece about 3 times the circumference of leg width. Take in 1/4 inch seem from both sides and hem the top and bottom of fabric for clean look and to avoid fraying. Make equidistant frills of the fabric and pin it to the pant legs. Or another way to make the frill is, you just use the longest stitch length for the basic stitch on your machine and run your fabric through it. Don’t back stitch the start and end of your line. Once you have run the whole circumference of the fabric, pull the thread gently from one end and keep pushing the fabric to make the ruffles or frills. Measure the length of the final ruffled fabric and it should match the circumference of the jean legs where it needs to be attached. Then either handsew or machine sew them as below.



Then to add a little more fun to the outfit put lace or ric-rac on where the fabric is sewn to the jeans. Check out the picture below.


Get a tee that would match well with the jeans as below.

photo 4

This is a flower made out of the same material as frills, to pin to the tee.

photo 3

Check out the pictures below on how to make the flower:

Cut 5 circles of equal size for petals, depending upon what size flower you want with the same fabric.


fold each circles in half


And do a basting stitch by hand on the semicircle as shown in the picture below for each petal but with the same thread, i.e. don’t break the thread once you are done with one petal rather keep going for all the five petals.

20140202_00193020140202_001839 20140202_002218

Once you are done with the petals, all string together, just pull them as the picture on the right and sew them together, the first and the last petal sewn together making the flower.

20140202_002550 20140202_002815

Glue a felt piece behind the flower so that the hole now is covered with felt piece. Glue the button at the center of the flower on the felt piece so that it had some backing.


Now, either sew the flower to the tee or attach it with a pin.

photo 5

Make a quick belt, a little longer than the waist length. Take a piece of fabric about 5 inches wide and a little more than the waist of your toddler and fold in half and sew it into a pipe. Turn it inside out so that the sewing is on the inside.

photo 1

Pass it through the D-ring and sew close its one end. The belt is ready to be used.


Check out the final dress below! Are we ready for the party??


She also bought a simple cake from Costco and transferred Elmo and Zoe ‘Sesame Street characters’ on it by using this tutorial It was pretty fun party.