Check out how a little bit of gorgeous lace can give an instant glitter to any top!

photo 5

I got this ethnic Indian top recently and wanted to oomph it up! I thought of 2 options, one was to use fabric paint and create some paisley or peacock feather designs in same color as the lace near to neck and bottom corners or a second option was to sew a lace. This is a very simple tutorial, so here it goes.

photo 1

Buy a matching lace. I found this lace from my stash of laces. Luckily my mom had got this once during her visit from India and I had held on to it to use later. But I also found some really great laces at JoAnns, worth checking out. Pin the lace around the neck exactly so it takes the shape of the top’s neck or in my case I just placed the lace such that, the neck becomes triangular than round (as was previously).

photo 3 photo 2

Sew on the lace using a similar thread and a straight stitch. Don’t forget to reverse stitch. As you might notice in picture below, the lace has sequin. And even after sewing the lace to the dress the sequins being place over tha lace so loosely began to fall off. So with a needle and thread I hand sew the top edge of the lace and also about 3-4 sequins to hold them in place. Make sure to hand stitch all the loose sequin ends of the lace. Remember the old adage “a stitch in time saves nine”. Yes no more sequins falling off the dress now.

photo 4

The top was a little longer so I folded it at the bottom and attached lace there. Machine sew both the top and bottom edges of the lace to dress.

photo 5

Similarly shorten the length at the back by folding it the same as the width of lace and hand sew it with a running stitch. You need not do the extra step of shortening the top if it is perfect length or if you want to keep the high low top which is in fashion these days. Hope you like this tutorial. What are your experiences with sewing sequins or sequin laces? Do you find them easy to handle? Do they hold up well?