Hi guys, how is everyone doing? Now that spring is here (in Alabama), well almost here, we all are having more outdoor fun and doing so much better. Shlok and I have been going to the park more often and two of his favorite activities are collecting all the flowers (mostly those yellow weed flowers) and throwing rocks, sticks, or anything near by (seriously anything, whatever he can pick up) in small puddles. We spend hours doing that. Its like rest of the kids are playing in the play ground, on the swing and slides and my son wants to do the above mentioned :). But whatever keeps him busy, I am fine with it. (Can’t help it, I have to post a cute pic here of him “playing” in the park).


Anyways, I hope wherever you are, spring is around the corner for you guys too or at least good weather (no more snow). Today on the blog, I want to share one of my first sewing projects. Its an envelope style pillow case. As you can imagine, it was my first project so definitely not very hard and it was a fun little project. With different seasons and festivals, one of the quick thing you can change in your room decor are the pillows. Just changing the pillow covers can make the room look different and you can go seasonal with the colors too. Below is an image of what we are going to make today on the blog.


 Now my pillows are 16X16 inches, so I needed exactly half a yard of fabric for each pillow cover. But I found this blue fabric in the remnant section of Joann’s store and they only had like 1/4 yard. So I used a plain cream kind of suede fabric (also from the same section) for the back of the pillow. You can mix and match fabrics and make these covers. You will need half a yard of fabric and your basic sewing material for this project. As I mentioned this is an envelope style pillow cover so it doesn’t need any buttons, zipper or anything for closure. First let’s cut our pieces. We need to cut three pieces of fabric for one pillow case. One piece which will be 16 and 1/4 inches X 16 1/4 inches for the front (if your pillow is 16″x16″). You don’t need to  leave a lot of room for sewing margins, as the pillow cover has to be a little snug. The next two pieces are for the back. One piece would be 16 and 1/4 inches X 12 inches and the other piece will be 16 and 1/4 inches X 9 inches. These values don’t have to be exact but the main aim is to have two pieces with same width as your front piece but with more height such that one piece overlaps the other. Let me show you a picture of what I am talking about.


These are my three pieces. The blue one is the front piece and the other two white ones are the back pieces. Now before we assemble all of them, lets hem the two back pieces at the opening sides. Take out your iron and iron the hem only on one edge of the white fabric (the back fabric), pin it and sew it, like below.


Now we are ready to assemble and sew the cover. Put the right side of the front fabric facing up on the mat or floor, now put the right side of the longer piece of the back fabric (16 and 1/4 ” X 12″)  on top of it (with the wrong side facing upwards or you). And finally put the right side of the smaller piece (16 and 1/4″ X 9″) on top of it, again the the wrong side of that fabric facing upwards. Its not that confusing, I guess I am not wording it very well. Check the picture below.


Once arranged in that fashion, pin all sides and sew it with a margin of 1/4″.


And you are done. Now turn the cover inside out and you have an envelope style pillow cover. Also use a pencil or something thinner to open up the corners nice and square. I forgot to do that before I took these pictures so my corners don’t look that neat.

Do you see what I was talking about. The overlapping area will keep the pillow form intact in the cover and as the pillow cover is snug enough it will keep it tight and in-place.


Awesome!! You are done with your easy pillow case. Now go buy some cute fabric from the clearance/remnant section of the fabric store and make some pillow covers. Don’t forget to ask/comment if you didn’t understand any step.


Happy Sewing!