How is everyone’s summer going? We are getting adjusted to having two kids in the house. I am loving my time with my two boys and its so sweet to see them together. Our older one is going to a Mother’s day out program at our church three days a week for 4 hours every week. So at least that is some time I get for me to do house chores.

Today’s project has been a result of a need for this MDO program for Shlok. We are required to send some snack and lunch for him everyday from home. I had been giving him veggie straws and graham crackers as snacks in small zip lock bags and then decided to make this reusable snack bag. I didn’t have time to go buy anything extra for making it so I just searched my craft supplies and came up with it. But I think it turned out alright and this bag has velcro, so its easy to open by a 2 year old too and the vinyl laminate inside helps in easy clean up.. So here it goes.

DSC_0124 DSC_0119

You will need :

  • A piece of fabric for the bag,
  • Velcro (make sure you buy the sew-on velcro and not the no-sew one),
  • And I used my left over iron-on vinyl from an earlier project (the laminated table mats) but you can also use the PUL fabric. You can know more about the iron-on vinyl from my earlier blog post on the above mentioned link. And you can know more about PUL fabric from this link


  • You will also need basic sewing supplies, such as scissors, sewing machine and threads.

Lets get started. First step is to decide how big the bag you want. I made a 5X7 inches bag. I used a fabric of size 11 X 7 and 1/2 inches. We will fold this fabric in half and it will become the bag. If you are using that iron-on vinyl then you will need that too of almost the same size. I used a 10 X 7 inches of vinyl.


Next iron the vinyl on the back of the fabric as per the instruction.


Next measure and pin the position of the velcros on both edges of the fabric (top and bottom). Size for my velcro was 5 inches. Pin them and sew them, making sure they are aligned with each other.


Now the next step is to fold and sew (hem) both the edges to make them look neat (as in the picture below).


Finally fold the fabric in half and with the right side inside, sew the two open sides shut to make it into a pocket. I am (trying) showing it with red lines on the next picture. Please excuse my weird hand gesture in that picture, I was trying to point to both sides of the fabric.


Once that is done, turn your bag inside out and you have your bag ready!

DSC_0119 DSC_0120

Hope you will make it. And if you have any questions, don’t forget to leave us a comment and we will get back to you.

Happy sewing,