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I got this lovely lacey top in eggplant color last year. Loved the color, the style – peplum and lace of the top. But  felt that for a peplum top it was little short of length. I love to have sleeves on my tops once in a while to do away with wearing gazillion cardigans, so I could not resist adding sleeves to this top, when I found the perfect color and material to do so in Joann’s last week. 😛 Its with some difficulty and multiple rounds to store that you can find such an exact fabric and color match for an existing dress. Stroke of luck!

So hear we go!, the initial few pics are a little off of the actual color since the pictures are taken in excess light. Please pardon! can’t complain about too much sunlight in summer 🙂

First the extension: Cut the fabric in height of the extension you want . Lengthwise cut the fabric 1.5 to 2 times the circumference of waist to provide a bit or gathering, flow and more room. In second pic here, you can see that initially I had decided to use a single layer of fabric but later I thought it looked really see through and thus folded the fabric and used a double layer as you can see in the very next picture.

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Attach the fabric in front and back separately. As in picture below pin the fabric to where the first piece of peplum lace fabric is attached at the waist using pins. As you see in second picture below, while pinning the piece, I have added pleats to it, to make is fuller.

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Sew with machine removing each pin one by one in the process. Do the same at the back.

Tadaa! here is the extended bottom.

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Now for sleeve, if you want gathering, cut length of the fabric such that its 1.5-2 times the actual circumference of sleeve.  Width can be any width sleeve you want. Fold the fabric for fullness and run a straight stitch through it without locking. Hold and pull the opposite threads bobbin and spool threads from both ends of fabric to create gathering as below.

photo 3

Attach gathered sleeve to armhole as below with pins.

photo 1

Using the same color thread sew the sleeve to the armhole as below

photo 4

Do the same for the other arm and you have got gathered sleeves!

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