This post is about how a lazy woman (that’s me BTW) makes her ironing board look pretty. My ironing board for the sewing room was seriously getting really shabby so I wanted to do something about it (note the word “something” ;)). Hence I thought about making a cover that kind of covers my older one and does not involve too much work and material. This tutorial is good if you have your old cover on your board already.

Too bad I don’t have a before picture of the ironing board, but this is what it looks like now and below are the instructions on how I made it look like this.


All you need for this project is a fabric (prefer a home decor fabric like duck canvas or something thick like that) big enough to cover your ironing board and then some more and a needle and a thread.

First lay your fabric on the floor with the wrong side facing up. Then lay your ironing board on it with the base on the fabric as shown in the picture below.


Now with a fabric marker or a chalk, draw the shape of the board but leaving a little margin on all sides, like 3 inches from the actual board. May be the next picture will make it more clearer. The line I drew are above the red lines in the picture. As you can see you don’t have to be very precise about your drawing.


Next cut your fabric along that line and sew a little hem (optional)around. This gives a neat finish, although you don’t need to do that.


Once that is done, you now bring your ironing board back on the fabric and tuck the extra fabric on the already existing cover on the board. And finally use  your needle and thread and sew a running stitch across the old cover and new fabric you just tucked in, to make it secure. Look at the picture below and you will see what I am talking about.


And there you have it, a lazy girls way of revamping her ironing board :). Hope you enjoyed it. Ask away any questions you have.


Happy crafting,