With the second baby a lot of things change as a parent. I have been less stressed about his schedule, less worried when he cries and more busy :P. I do love him the same though. I also wanted to change the diaper bag I had with my older one, and now that I am into sewing stuff I thought I will make one for myself.

I don’t have any instructional DIY post for it because I was not sure how the bag will turn out. But I just want to show you guys the first ever diaper bag I made this past week. And to let you all know that if I can make it  then so can you!! Below are some of the pictures of my new diaper bag.


I have never sewn a diaper bag ever, hence I wanted to do my full research. I looked at several blogs and websites for the ideas and details. There were few things I wanted to make sure I am doing right, such as I wanted to add a bottom panel to the bag and wanted to make sure I do that right. And then I wanted to add pockets with elastic on them. Here I am pasting some of the links that helped me a lot. They all have their own tutorial for making the bag. If you are apprehensive of making your own pattern then you can just follow their instructions.

Now some useful tips if you are making your own bag and not following any of these above links, that I learned while doing mine  :-

  1. Find a cute fabric.
  2. Decide what kind of closure you want to have, like button, flap, zipper or magnetic clasp.
  3. Now draw out your bag design carefully.
  4. Then decide the measurements REALLY carefully.
  5. If you are making pockets, make sure they are attached before you make the bag frame.
  6. Do some embellishments to your bag and give it a personal touch.
  7. Don’t forget the lining for your bag. I used Pellon 809 decor bond interfacing for the lining fabric and then the Pellon SF101 shape flex for interfacing the front fabric. I lined both my fabrics because I used quilt weight cotton fabric for both lining and main fabrics. You can use canvas fabric or more heavy weight fabric to make your bag too and then may be your wont need 809 decor bond interfacing. You can also use something like fusible fleece then.
  8. Also, definitely apply interfacing to your handles in the bag (otherwise it will look limp, like mine did.. I was too lazy to attach interfacing on the handle 😦 )

Okay, thats it from me. I hope this post was a little help and encouragement for you if you are thinking of sewing a bag. Comment below if you have any questions about my bag.


Till then,

Happy Sewing,