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Finally I got to have some fun creating a combination of fabric, ribbons, buttons and felt!

These pillowcase dresses were made recently for a friend’s daughter’s birthday. She has promised to send pictures of her cute little daughter modelling them 🙂 The first dress is summery light dress, while the material of second one is a little heavier and can be easily worn with a pink/blue/white top in winter.

The dress is extremely easy to sew, that is if you remember to keep space for armholes, which I forgot twice! Would be nice to have place to slip in the dress than it being a poncho 😉 . But as everything it takes practice to perfect. So here we go. Since I was sewing the dress for a one year old, I took the measurements for a little older 18 month old. You will find plenty of toddler dress size measurements online. Here I took 2 pieces of fabric, 18 inch wide and 22 inch height each. Fold in 1/4 inch seam on each side and sew a border. So you are basically hemming 8 sides, 4 for each piece fabric.

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Once that is done, take about 1 inch in and sew to create a casing to put the ribbon in. Do this on one 18 inch width side of both pieces of fabric as shown in figure below.

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Turn both fabris wrong side out. Use a 18 month tee to measure the arm length and mark that length from the casing. Sew along the height of the fabric to the marking, leaving space for arms. Turn the dress inside out.

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Pass ribbon through the casing to use as tie ups for the dress. Decorate with ribbons, felt, buttons, pockets, ruffles etc. See that’s how simple it is! Hope you enjoy this super easy dress making.

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Process: in short 🙂

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