So I guess Fall is officially here and I for one am very excited about it. I love the Autumn season, especially because that means all the festivals (holidays) are here. I love Thanksgiving, my mother in law throws a BIG feast on Thanksgiving and I invite my friends over and we eat a LOT (well nothing new there ;)). I think we can name “Thanksgiving” as “Eat a lot” holiday too. Anyways, this Fall, I am feeling extra festive and so I am trying to decorate with Fall stuff around the house. The first thing I made was this “Be Thankful” felt banner to be hung on the mantle. Its pretty straight forward and adds beautiful color to your decor. Try it.


So here it goes. You will need felt (I guess you can also do burlap, that’s all the rage this year), hot glue gun, ribbon or rope, and paint or fabric marker.


First step is to decide what your banner pieces will look like. I wanted leaves, so I drew three different kind (well the three that looked okay) of leaves on a piece of paper for it. Now you need to cut your leaves out from the felt. I used this three color (red, orange and yellow) felt bundle that I found in Michael’s craft section. They are in perfect fall colors. I needed 10 leaves for my banner, so make sure you can get enough leaves out of felt and trace them accordingly. I stacked all the pieces of felt on each other and traced the leaves and cut them all together. This way I reduced some work of cutting them one by one from each color.


Once the leaves were cut, arrange them on the floor in the order you want them in the banner and start writing the words. I used a black fabric pen I had but you can even use acrylic paint for it.

DSC_0213 DSC_0215

Finally fire up your glue gun and glue them on the ribbon. Oh! before you do that, measure the length of your mantle to decide how to space the leaves.


And that’s it. You have your own hand made Fall banner.