Hi! you all. How is everyone doing?

We are very excited this Halloween, as this will be Shlok’s and mine first one in which we go for Trick or Treat. He is going to be a batman. Also, a friend of his is coming over so they can go trick or treat together. So here is a quick DIY to make your own trick or treat bag, if you still have time. Otherwise you can use this tutorial for next year.

I made a “Mummy” bag for his friend and a “Batman symbol” bag for Shlok. They are pretty standard tote bags but with embellishments in the front. Here is a picture.

Halloween bags

If you know even a little bit of sewing then you can make it. All you need to make these bags are black and yellow canvas fabric and a cotton white fabric.

First I will tell you how to make the Mummy bag. The size of my bags are approximately 12 by 12 inches. So first step is to cut two 13 by 13 inches black base fabric or one 13 by 26 inches black fabric and fold it in half. This way you will not have to sew the bottom of the bag. I did that for the yellow bag but not for black/mummy one.

Next you need  these white fabric strips for wrapping the mummy. I used almost an inch and half width and 13 inches long strips for that. Cut several of these strips (may be 10 or 15). Then arrange these white strips on one of the black fabric pieces. This would be the front of the bag. Arrange the strips on the bag such that you have two open area where the black fabric can be seen. The top one will be for his eyes and the bottom for the mouth. Check out the picture below.


Once you have arranged the strips to your satisfaction, pin them randomly to keep them in place. Now sew the strips making sure that no strip is left hanging or not stitched from all side. That is we don’t have to sew each strip individually but make sure each strip is at least sewn from one side to the base fabric. Better yet, if you have fabric glue you can just glue these strips. Next make two circles with the white fabric and a marker for eyes and glue it or sew it at the top open area in the fabric. See the picture below.


Now put the other black piece of fabric on top of it and sew along the three sides keeping one side open for the top. Next, make two handles with the black fabric, i.e. make two tubes of black fabric 2 inches by 22 inches long. Those would be the handles.


 Once all the three sides are sewn, turn the bag inside out and you will have the mummy side in the front. Attach the handles of the bag from the inside as shown in the picture below. Also, make the top of the bag neat by folding the rough edges inside and sewing along the whole top.

DSC_0251 (2)

And you are done.

For the batman bag, the basic procedure is same for making the body of the bag, but instead of the mummy strips in the front you will have a batman symbol. I drew it by myself but I am sure you can get a print out of the symbol from the internet to trace it on your fabric. I folded the black fabric into half and traced one side of the bat and that is how I got symmetrical batman logo. Anyways, once you have the logo on the fabric, just pin it in the front  of the bag fabric and sew a zig-zag stitch along it.


Then rest of the bag is the same way as Mummy bag. Here is Shlok modeling the bag for us.

Halloween bags1

Have a great Halloween everyone. If you have any questions regarding the bag, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.