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I was at a friends place the other day and got the photo of her DIY wall decor. She had a couple of very creative DIYs, which I will put at bottom of this post. BTW, can you guess what this above DIY decor piece is made of? Its made of a vinyl shower curtain. Lets just say vinyl is a type of fabric. Yep! that and orange paper and silver metallic tissue paper (used to fill gift bags usually).

So, This is how it started! She loved the tree design on a shower curtain recently and decided to buy it on sale for $3. Waiting for an inspiration to strike sometime. It was a transparent vinyl fabric and she knew she did not want to use it as a shower curtain. So instead she got 5 thermocol rectangles (or you can use canvas pieces of same size) and started on this fun project.

She then cut the curtain in 5 equal parts and placed them on thermacol/canvas. Since the shower curtain was see through, she used crumpled mettalic tissue paper and stuck it over thermacol base. You could also go with spray painting the thermocol base in mettalic or blue or orange hues depending on sort of color and texture you want. Then she pasted the vinyl on the thermocol base along the edges only. Since the branches looked a little lifeless at that point, she cut out orange textured paper leaves and pasted them one by one across the whole vinyl. Check out a near pic! Sticking so many leaves does look like a neck breaking task :P. Finally after a few hours of bending over the piece, she achieved the complete wall piece. It does look fun in her dining area. And putting something handmade in your home which you can look at everyday is a wonderful feeling.

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Here are some other DIY’s of her as promised:

Decal cut and pasted on patio door blinds. Looks so beautiful when blinds are pulled closed! What a fun way to use decal and make those boring apartment blinds so interesting! 😀

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Vincent Van Gogh Poster cut and pasted on 8 thermocol pieces.

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All this intricate art work given she has one small kid and one toddler. Thats really awesome how you can find time to do things you love!

PS: Thanks to my friend Sonal for allowing us to feature her DIY’s as a guest post on our blog!