Hi you all! I am sure this must have happened to you all too, when you find this thing on sale or clearance at a really good price and you don’t really need it but you think that you may need/use it eventually and so you buy it. Well, exactly this happens to me too all the time :).

Shower curtains esp. fabric ones are quite expensive and when you find one at a good price, I say you buy it because you can use it later ;).  Also, changing the shower curtains and small accessories can help change the looks of you bathroom easily.  So anyways, today I am going to show you guys an easy way to make a backpack for yourself using a fabric shower curtain. this is how it will look.


All you need for this project is a fabric shower curtain, a string/rope and a zipper. Oh and also you sewing supply.

The first thing is to decide how big you want your end product to be. Mine was 20 by 14 inches (big bag). The good thing about using a  shower curtain is that you already have the holes on the top for weaving your rope/string through it for closure.  So you need to fold your curtain vertically to make the main body of the bag as shown it the picture. So you are not cutting two panels but one big panel gets folded into two panels. This way you have one continuous flow of the loops for weaving your rope in. Sorry for a poor picture, I forgot to take a better one of this stage and this is the only one I have.


Cut your fabric and sew the one side and the bottom of the bag leaving the top open. Now if you want to give your bag a width, you can sew the corner to give it more shape. For that you just pick up the bottom corners from each side, fold into a triangle and sew it along the lines(may be 2 inches) as shown in picture below.


This is how its gonna look after its all sewn up. You see the holes on the top to put the curtain hooks, that’s where you will put your string in.


Next you make the flap for the bag (that is optional) also I added a zippered pocket on the flap to put small stuff like keys and phone etc. You can make any type of flap. Just cut two pieces of fabric for your flap, esp. if you want to make a pocket. You can sew the three sides of the flap or leave it for now till you sew in the zipper on the front of the flap.


Next I used this tutorial “A zippered, lined tote bag for you to sew by Debbie Shore” from YouTube to put zippered pocket on the flap of the bag. Its not that complicated once you see the video. Here is the one picture I took of putting the pocket.


Next step is to sew the straps for your bag. You are just going to make two tube like straps and sew it on the back of your bag. My straps were 22 by 3 inches.


Next is sewing the flap at the back of your bag and thread in your rope and you are done. Also you can cover the ends of your rope/string with some fabric to make it look pretty and not fray.




That’s it. See I showed you one reason to go buy a fabric shower curtain if its on sale. I hope you do try making this and please comment if you have any questions. Happy sewing till then.