Hi everyone. Happy new year you all (I think you can still wish this till the month of January ūüėČ ), it’s 2015 and it’s seems 2014 was just here. 2014 passed away so quickly, we had so much going on this year. We had our second child, a beautiful baby boy Ezra, who is well known already for his smiles and friendly nature. Below¬†is one of the better picture of our new family of 4 that was taken just an hour or so after Ezra was born. And believe me you Shlok (my older one) was not happy about the whole scene. As soon as he saw me with a baby he started crying and saying “Put baby back in mommy’s tummy”. ¬†He has gotten better now and has accepted his little brother. He gives him kisses and hugs and calls him “my wittle brother Ezaa”.



My parents came to visit us here in USA from India for the first time since I came here in 2004. It was so much fun spending almost 2 whole months with my mom after 10 years.

I have gotten more into sewing/craft, well at least as compared to the year 2013.

My older son started preschool. I can not believe my little baby Shlok turned 2 and started Mothers day out this year. He is a sweet boy¬†other than being a toddler. Many of you have already dealt with toddlers and you don’t need any more explanations but for those of you who have yet to go through your kids toddler stage, well let me warn you!! They are not very cooperative (this is saying very gently that at this stage your sweet baby becomes a kid monster). I am hoping this stage goes away soon. We know Shlok is a very good boy but we have also noticed that he is very strong willed and mischievous. So for now Ezra is our favorite son ;).

Has it happened to any one else? getting a toddler to sit  still for a picture is very difficult. I so want a good picture of both my boys together but one of them almost always does not cooperate. Here is what usually happens.

DSC_0102 20140813_174602

All in all, it has been a great year here in Templin household. God has been very gracious and generous to us. He has given us two perfect boys and we are so very thankful to him for 2014. We are happily looking forward to whatever has been stored for us in 2015.  And in 2015, I have decided to spend more time on the blog (if possible) and do more stuff here. Its not a resolution :P. I had one resolution made few days just before the new year eve and then by 31 I forgot what it was. I am serious, even before the new year I forgot my resolution, so I decided not to keep any this year.

So what are you all going to do this year.. Any resolutions?

Before I end this post, here is a nice picture we got taken by our friends who have recently started doing professional photography.