Hello all, check out another fun sewoodles DIY with embroidery thread and a few paint colors. This post is rather late coming in winter, but this was a spring/summer project. 🙂 Here is also wishing for an early spring this year! This time, I took to changing my beautiful summery white top to something more fun. The top fitted great and worked awesome for me except that it was too plain white. It did have kind of diamond design on it, which help set the shape for the upcoming embroidery. So one day googling for white embroidered tops, I found orange and purple embroidery in one image complimenting each other perfectly. Check out this app for Ipad: sketchbook express used to design the prototype for the top below using those colors. Its a favorite app to design currently, and want to explore it to get some more intricate details and text in the drawing next! Check out the partial prototype of top front.

photo 5 (4)

Ok so here is how the idea came about. You will need embroidery thread, embroidery ring and thin needle. Initially if you are apprehensive about adding paint like I was, start with outlining a diamond shape with thread alternating between purple and orange. Once all the diamonds were outlined, if you like the look, leave it and keep it simple. Since I still dint see a lot of color in the top at this stage,  with some courage I dipped brushes in paint and filled each diamond with same border color. Once the neck was done, adding cluster at bottom was easier with the acquired courage :). I did the cluster only on one side to create asymmetry and break the monotony.

Front: neck and sleeves design and cluster

photo 1 (4)

Back: cluster on the back and finished back neck. I added the embroidery and colors to sleeves as well and it really worked out great.

photo (1)

Here are pictures of before and after!



I still wish I had the patience and skill to embroider the whole thing instead of using paint. Maybe in the next project! 🙂 Hope you like the DIY and try it out.  Stay warm and wish you a very happy 2015!