We have a small car and two young kids which means our car is a mess most of the time. I am trying to make some organizers for the car and this is the first thing I have made in that attempt. This is a fabric trash bin which will hold grocery bags that can help you collect small trash in the car. This is how it looks.



All you need for this project is some fabric (preferably some heavy weight fabric like canvas) and some boning. You can also use something stiff instead if you can not find boning , such as embroidery hoop, but I am sure you can find it in any fabric store like Joann’s or Hancock.


Next cut your fabric into the desired length and width. My opening for the trash bin was 22 inches (which is also the length of boning I had) and so I need two panels of 18 inches (height of the bin) by 11.5 inches. Or you can use one long fabric piece 11.5 inches by 36 inches long (like I did). Next fold the fabric and sew all the edges except the top as shown in red lines in the picture below.


Next, if you want to add some width/structure to your bag, sew the bottom corners as shown in the picture. This is optional.


Next step is to add the boning on the top. My boning was 1/2 an inch wide so I made a tube/casing that was 1/2 wide on the top of my bag similar to what you will do to insert an elastic. Put the boning through the gap and sew it shut. The second picture shows how it will look after it is all in and sewn. This makes the opening of the trash bin open and structured. And you could easily put trash bag in it.



Finally you will need to make a strap or fabric hook to hang it in your car. For this just use the same fabric and make a strap out of it. And sew it on the top of your trash bag as shown in the next picture.


And that’s it. Go put it in your car and manage the clutter. You can put a plastic bag in this fabric trash bag for easy clean up as I have done.


Happy sewing, and please don’t forget to comment with any questions.