I would first like to declare right away that we are the worst/laziest bloggers on the internet ever!! Now that we have established this, how is everyone doing? The weather is becoming better and spring is here so I guess now I wont have any excuse and would have to get off my bed in the evening and do some sewing. Although, once I get into the mode I really enjoy it but just starting it is another thing.

Anyways, I did do one project last weekend and thats what I am going to share with you all. Lots of you with kids would be going for Easter egg hunt, I am quite sure. In this tutorial, I will show you how I sewed this fabric basket below for Shlok for the Easter egg hunt day in MDO program at our church.

shlok1 shlok2

All you need for this project is:

  • Two different fabric, for outside and for lining
  • Sewing materials
  • Decor bond interfacing
  • A plate or circular lid for tracing the circle

The first step is to decide how wide and deep you want your basket to be. My finished product is 9 inches high and 8.5 inches wide (I think I should have made it little smaller). Once you decide that, you need to cut your pieces. I used a plate from my kitchen for the bottom of my basket and it was 8.5 inches wide and hence the .5 measurement. So here are the final pieces you will need :

  • You will need three circles, one from your outer fabric, one from interior fabric and one from the interfacing.
  • Two pieces for the body from the outer fabric and the interfacing. The measurement for that would be whatever height you decide and the circumference of your bottom circle (diameter X 3.14) inches. You can add 1/2 inches for sewing.
  • One body piece from the interior fabric, that is the same measurement as the circumference of your bottom circle and at least 2 inches more than the height of the outer fabric and interfacing.
  • And one piece 18 inches by 5 inches for the handle.DSC_0669

Next we iron the interfacing on the outer fabric or interior fabric. I ironed it on the interior one but I would suggest you do it on the outer one because then the stiff interfacing keeps the fabric nice and taut. Once the interfacing is attached to the outside fabric, pin and sew the two open sides of the body piece. Now attach the bottom circle to the body.


Do the same for the lining/interior fabric, i.e. first attached the open sides of the body and then attach the bottom. Your lining would be little bigger, 2 inches to be precise, than your outer body of the basket, that is because it will go over the outside of the basket. As you can see from the picture below my interfacing is on the inside piece. Anyways now turn the outside piece right side out and put the inside piece which is still right side in, inside your outside/outer piece.


Now fold over the longer piece of inside fabric on the outside and sew it around as shown in the picture below.


Next step is to sew the handle. Make a tube/sleeve out of the 18X5 inches of fabric strip we cut before and attach it to the basket.


And your basket is done. You can embellish the basket with your kids name or flowers if you want.


And there you have it. Your quick fabric basket for Easter. Don’t they both look cute. I love them so much.

Happy sewing and do comment if you have any questions.