I love Yankee candles, actually candles in general. Today, I want to tell you all a quick way to clean and re-use these candles once you have gone through them almost all the way to the bottom.


There are several methods available on the internet to get the left over wax out of these candle jars and I haven’t tried them all but this one I am showing on the blog today works for me.

So, most of my candles are almost burned to the bottom with a little bit was remaining but no wick. I had like several of those pretty jars left over and I would usually throw them out. What you need for this DIY is just a microwave and some pretty nobs or buttons.

Take your almost burnt candle and use a knife to get the metal part which holds the wick from the bottom of the jar out. You have to maneuver a little bit but its not very difficult. This is important step because in the next step you are going to put the candle in the microwave. After you have that metal thing out, you put the candle jar without the lid in the microwave for 10 seconds. This would melt the wax enough to get it cut into two or three parts and shimmy it out of the candle.  See the picture below.



I think this way is not a very messy one and is easy too. Next clean the jar with some hot soapy water and dry it. For the lids, you can find some cute knobs at a craft store and glue them on top if you want. For the kids bathroom, I made a jar to put their flossers in and I used one of their toy (I think the free McDonalds toy) and glues it over the lid (Second picture below).

And thats it, you have some pretty jars to put stuff in and you can use them in your bathroom, craft area or anywhere you like.


Thanks, for reading through and do ask questions in the comment below if you have any.