Hey All,

Happy New Year!!!

How was every body’s Christmas? It has been a lot of fun and excitement here at Templin house as Shlok is now old enough to understand some of this stuff. He had so much fun buying and decorating the tree. Even when we were done he wanted to keep decorating so he would take the ornaments out of the tree and put them back (lol!).  Ezra on the other hand just wanted to take them off so we had to put all the decorations way high above his reach. Here is a picture of our top heavy Christmas tree ;).


Anyways, so now that at least Shlok is old enough to understand Christmas and festivities following it, I wanted to start some traditions with them. We usually go to my in-laws house on the night before Christmas, after church and stay there till Christmas day. She has her own traditions of making breakfast in the morning, having stockings opening, etc..

Our Tradition

We decided to donate some of our old toys to charity this Christmas with our boys as a way to teach them about giving and also a way to clear up their room for new toys ;). I was happily surprised and proud of how excited Shlok was about it. He helped me collect two trash bags full of toys to give away. He kept telling me its for the poor kids who don’t have any toys. I went through each of their toy and let him decide which one to give and he gave some really good ones and some that he has gotten bored of.

Another tradition that I started last year is sewing them their Christmas pajamas. Last year I used their existing old pajama bottoms to trace a pattern and sewed them on some christmas fabric I already had. Here is picture of the boys from last year. Well what can I say, this was the best picture I could find of the boys on Christmas morning with their pajamas. I guess you have to appreciate what you get with the little kids.


And this year I got the pattern from here “madebymarzipan’s blog“. It was pretty easy and quick to sew. Shlok went to Joann’s fabric store with me and chose the fabric himself. For the top I just used t-shirts from a clothing store and did some applique design. Look how cute they look.


The pajama bottom fabric was pigs from angry bird, so I appliqued a red angry bird on Shlok’s shirt and Ezra got a Christmas tree (I forgot about his shirt till the end and didn’t have much time to do the whole angry bird ;)).










You can get lots of tutorial on the web teaching you how to sew pajama bottoms. Here is another link for the pattern. I love this girl’s blog.


It was so much fun this year with kids being so excited about Christmas. This made it so much more exciting for us. Among all the gift giving and getting, family traditions and real meaning of Christmas should not get lost and thats a tough thing to remember during the holidays. I hope D and I can raise these boys to know and love God and what he has done for us.

Anyways I digress. Do you guys have any fun traditions that you want to start or do with your kids during the holidays and festival season. Do share, we would love to hear them.