This post absolutely needs to start with a PS or NB or a woot!:)

Just bought a new set of needles: with different needles for cotton/linen, jersey, silk and knits. That has helped me tremendously to get over fear of sewing with knits. Its a boon! 🙂

Here I want to show you guys the “boon of the knit needle”. Want to see how great it works?

Check out the pictures below, knits were never so easy to sew.  A regular cotton/linen needle caused either holes in knits or made them bunch up while sewing. But now there seems to be no stopping to adding embellishments or sewing with knits 😀

Here we go: Mark the pattern in which you want to place the lace on the top.


Attach the lace to the top carefully with pins. Make sure you are not pulling/stretching on the lace or the top. Just place them as lightly as possible to avoid pulling. Any pulling of lace or knit now will cause unevenness when you actually sew it. Switch the needle of the machine to knit needle and sew over lace.


Real PS: Needle pack

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Final pic lace top. A really really simple way to embellish!