Who doesn’t need storage boxes All The Time! I mean having cute storage boxes handy for putting your stuff is always good. And especially if you have kids, these boxes so handy. Today I would like to show you one of the ways of making these cute storage boxes from the cardboard boxes. These cardboard boxes come free when you buy something from Amazon.com, Costco, or diaper boxes etc.


There are several ways available on the internet to help you make these boxes and here is mine. For making these cute boxes with rope handles, you will need, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper or scrapbook paper, mod podge, rope/strings, and embellishments like lace or ribbon etc.

DSC_0972 DSC_0973

First step is to cut the top flaps of the box. You can use scissors or knife to do that. Next arrange you paper around the box so that you get an idea of how much you will need and cut an extra 2 or 3 inches of the paper needed. Now carefully apply mod podge on each surface and stick the paper on that surface. The mod Podge will dry fast so work one surface at a time. Its like lay your paper flat on the floor or table and start rolling your box on it with mod podge applied on each surface of the box one by one.

DSC_0974 DSC_0975

Next, when the sides are done, you need to do the top and bottom of the box. For the top, check out the picture below. I cut the paper on each corner (red arrows indicated in the pics) and then each side is inserted/glued using mod podge individually.
















Once the top is done, you can stick the paper at the bottom using Mod podge again. I didn’t have a lot of paper left for my bottom with this kind of sheet I used, but I was okay with it. You can fold the paper at the bottom as you fold a gift box (like the picture below). Its that easy and then glue it with modpodge.


Next you can cover the bottom of the inside of the box with extra sheet. I just glue or tape the extra sheet by measuring the box surface. Finally apply mod podge on the outside of the box on top of the paper. Mod podge dries clear and provides a seal on the paper. So this way it will make your covering more sturdy.

Next is the fun part, making the handles and embellishing. For the handles, I used jute rope or string which you can find at home depot or any craft store. You can make a simple braides for the handle or you can make this twisty handles like I have done. If you are making simple braids then you will need 6 equal pieces of string and braid two handles of the size you desire. If you want to make the twisty braid like I did then you will need 8 equal pieces of strings.


My each piece measured around 40 inches. Here is how you do it. I have tried showing it in a video and in pictures . I hope its not very confusing the way I have explained.

s1 s2 S3 S4

Now punch two holes on each side of the box and put these ends of the handle you just made in these holes and tie the knots. Cut the extra rope from inside and you are done with the handles.

DSC_1006 DSC_1008







Do it on both the sides of the box and you have the handles ready. You can also use colorful strings or wool for making those handles.


And now if you want you can add more embellishments such as ribbons on the top like I did for the other box shown on top.

And there you are, with cute storage boxes to store all you junk stuff.



Feel free to comment if you have any questions or didn’t understand anything from this post.