In today’s post I am going a little personal and you can call me bold as I am about to write my Zoe’s unmedicated birth story. Oh! before that let me introduce you to the newest member of our family “Zoe”, my daughter. She was born on 25th February 2016 at 11:28 pm. My family is now complete, and we are all so excited to have her in our lives. And I can’t believe it took me one month to write this story. Another warning, this post is going to be cuteness overload and long.


Here goes her story. She was a surprise baby but we were so excited and little scared when we found out we are pregnant with her. Ezra was only exactly 1 year old and we were worried about handling two kids so close in age. When we told my in-laws they were so excited that we felt more confident. My mother-in-law is a great help. And my mom said she can come from India when I deliver and help out for a month or two.

Anyways, once the news settled, I realized this is going to be my last baby and so I wanted to try going unmedicated with this one. Also, we decided that we would keep the gender of the baby a surprise till the end. Both of those were really hard but we did it :).

Let’s skip to my due date. This is my third baby so I was pretty sure she is gonna come early. My due date was 19th February and my mom was coming from India on 14th February. I was so worried that the baby will come before my mom comes. My mom arrived and the due date arrived but still no baby. Every night I would go to bed thinking may be tonight something will happen and every morning I woke up feeling upset. But I tried to console myself that this is the last pregnancy and I should try to enjoy it and that pep talk would help me go through another day without the baby outside my tummy. I went to see my doctor one last time and got a membrane sweep in the hopes that it will speed up my dilation or something. That was the Tuesday after my due date, so 23rd February. After that I walked, bounced on the ball and did everything possible to get me and the baby moving but nothing happened, not even the false contractions etc. I was scheduled for an induction on Friday the 26th because I was going to be 41 weeks by then and this was the third baby so doctor and I will be ready by then. I was so upset about this plan because I was worried that if I am induced and get pitocin I wont be able to tolerate the pain and would ask for epidural and my whole thing about going unmedicated wont happen. Anyways, I prayed for patience and tolerance (as I was getting too antsy) Tuesday night and asked some of my friends to pray for me. I felt good Wednesday morning and decided that I will have to leave everything to God and just try to enjoy these last few days. The picture below is me 8 days before my due date. I don’t have any better picture than this :P. 20160211_105320

Now the part where she is born :). So on Thursday the 25th February, I woke up to use the restroom around 6 am and felt mild contraction, but I did not pay much attention to it. Then contractions started coming every 10 minutes or so and got me excited.  But I decided not to tell anyone till I am pretty sure. Shlok was supposed to go to school (Mothers day out or preschool thing at our church for 4 hours) that day, so my morning was busy getting them ready and contracting in between. My mom noticed that I was a little off so finally when we were driving to Shlok’s school she asked and I told her that today  could be that day. It was around 9:30 AM.  Rest of the day went by contracting every 10 to 7 minutes or so. I called my mother in law around 2:00 PM and told her to be ready to come baby sit our kids. She lives in a small city which is about 45 to 60   minutes away from our house.  She was too excited and came at 3:00 PM. I called Davey to his office and he came by around 1:00 PM too. Everybody was at home and waiting now. My father in law came around 5:00 PM and got dinner. I didn’t feel like eating as I was hurting at each contraction now which were about 5 to 7  minutes apart. They were not terrible but I had to stop for each of them now and concentrate. After everybody had dinner, we decided to head to the hospital because it was almost 6:30 PM and I had been contracting since 6:00 AM and was getting a little tired (but excited).

My mom, Davey and I went to the hospital around 6:30 and was admitted to MEU. They checked me there and I was still a 5 cm and contracting 5 to 7 minutes apart. The doctor there said she can admit me and start pitocin to speed up contractions and get things moving faster. I was afraid of pitocin so I told them that I wanna go back home and rest up till its time to come back. The doctor agreed but made us stay for another hour or so for monitoring me and the baby. I kept contracting lying on the bed and waiting for them to finish up monitoring so I can go home and sit on my ball or practice all those pain subsiding methods I had seen on YouTube. We had to stay at the hospital till like 8:00 PM. I was so happy once they told us to go.  So we packed up everything again and went home.

We reached home and I was hungry so ate something. While I was eating, my contractions picked up and they started getting more painful. Ezra was asleep and we put Shlok to bed, I remember him asking me to sing and I sang as fast as I could in between the contractions. After putting him to bed, I came downstairs and started feeling cold. It was a cold night so I thought I am cold because of that. I put on Davey’s jacket but still kept feeling cold and frequently contracting, so I told Davey that I am gonna take a hot shower. I asked him to time my contractions while I take a shower. And thats when we realized that I am in transition and my contractions were a minute and a half apart. Wow!!! it had only been an hour since we came home and it already became so fast.

We headed back to the hospital and I kept contracting and making sounds on the back seat of Davey’s car. I realized that making sounds like “aah aah aah” with each contraction helped me so I kept doing that. We were almost near the hospital, may be a mile or so away when Davey’s car stalled at a red light and wouldn’t start. OMG we were panicking and contracting and screaming and trying to start the car. Davey thought of calling 911 and getting me to the hospital, but then I remembered that a very good friends of ours live just few blocks away from where we were and could come. So we called them and they came in like 15 minutes or so, time here gets all mixed up for me. It seemed like hours. I think we were stuck on the road for half an hour or 40 minutes. My friends gave us their car and waited with our car for the tow truck to come pick it up.  We were so grateful to them, if we had godfather and god mother thing then those guys would have been Zoe’s god father and god mother :). They have a new car and I was so worried that my water would break in it, I put my jacket on the floor of the back seat and sat on it.

We arrived at the hospital and they checked me and rushed me to the delivery room as I was fully dilated and ready. The doctor had to break my water and I was ready to push. Pushing felt really good so even though I did not have a big urge to push I still pushed. In between pushing, I told the medical team that I want Davey to tell me the gender and I want to cut the cord. They also bought a mirror for me to see the baby come out, but after seeing myself push one time in the mirror, I got scared and told them to take it away (Lol!!). My doctor also said that I can pull the baby out too and hold her right away if I want. I was excited and ready. So it was like 20 or 30 minutes after arriving to the hospital, Zoe Kathleen Templin was born. I got my sweet little girl and my unmedicated birth. She weighed 7 lbs 15.3 oz and 21 and half inches tall. My biggest baby till now. I had a very small tear which required few stitches but recovery was fast and easy. Zoe has been a good baby so far and the boys love her so much. Few more cuteness overload below :).



Hope you guys enjoyed my story. We loved every part of it and feel so blessed.