Hey Guys,

Recently, I tried sewing a bib for my friends daughter and I can not believe why I haven’t tried it before. Its pretty easy to make and I am sure you all can make it too. I made it for a baby girl, so I embellished it with lace, but you can skip that part and just use bias binding/tape or nothing.


To get started, you will need an old bib for pattern. You will also need fabric, velcro, and iron-on vinyl. I wrote another post about using iron-on vinyl which has more detail about where to buy it and stuff. You can find it here. Adding iron-on vinyl makes the bib easier to clean (wipe off) after messy meal time.

First step is to trace the pattern from the old bib on a piece of paper or on the fabric itself and then cut the pieces. I took two different fabrics for the front and back of the bib. This way I have two designs/bibs in one.


Now place both pieces of fabric right side together and sew around leaving almost 2 or 3 inches of opening to turn it inside out as shown in the picture below.


Turn it inside out and iron it. Next we need to put on our iron-on vinyl on the bib. Trace the pattern on the iron-on vinyl, we need two vinyl pieces for both side of the bib. Follow the instructions on your iron-vinyl and iron it on both side of the bib.



Now we put the velcro on and some embellishment and we are done.

For the embellishments, I used a white lace to make the border of this bib. And also when you sew the lace, make sure you close that opening you left for turning the bib inside out earlier. When you come to the round part of the bib, make some pleats on the lace for easy rounding while sewing, as shown in the picture below.



Cut about 2 inches of velcro and stitch one of the velcro on the edge of one side of the bib and the other side of the velcro on the other side of the bib. See the picture below.


And, you are all done.



See thats not bad. Its pretty easy to make and you can do it. If you did not understand any steps, please do ask in comment and i will try to clarify as much as possible.

Happy Sewing till then.