Hey all,

I don’t know if it happens with you guys, but it definitely happens with me a lot, i.e. when I don’t have something I think that when I will have it, I am gonna do so many things with it and then when I get it, I am just too lazy to do the things I wanted to do with it ;). Lol, now that I have totally confused you with this line above, let me give you an example. When I had my two boys, I used to think that when I have a girl, I am gonna make so many things for her. And then I had Zoe and life got so busy and I got so lazy, that I didn’t do much. She is 3 months old now and finally getting into some pattern, so I AM GOING TO MAKE all that stuff I thought I will and pinned it on my Pinterest board.

I promise, I will soon write a post about the things I have made for her with some links to some easy and free patterns for you all. I am all about “easy and free”, ( 😉 it doesn’t sound that good if you take it off the context).

For now, in this post I want to show you this headband holder I made to hang Zoe’s hair accessories.


For this, you will need an old canvas (any size), some ropes, ribbon, scrapbook paper and clothespins and some key holder (optional). You will also need some picture hanging supply. Also,  you will need your glue gun and scissors.

First cut your scrapbook paper to the size of the inside of your canvas and glue it on the canvas as the picture below.


Next glue the ribbon on the border of the canvas. I only covered the front of the canvas but you can make it more pretty by covering all the sides or painting it.


Also, to hang the canvas, you will need some picture hanging stuff. I used that wire and loop to hang this canvas to the wall.



This next step is optional. You see the metal bird keys holder on the top of my headband hanger, thats what you are going to glue on top now. I found it pretty cheap in Hancock fabrics (BTW its going out of business so go check it out). I used E600 glue to get that baby stick on my canvas.


After this, cut two pieces of the rope, the size of the width of your canvas and an inch more. Glue the ropes on each end making sure they are pretty tight. Make sure there is no sagging of the ropes because once we have the clothespins and headbands and bows on it, it will start to sag a little. And then put some clothespin on the rope to hang stuff.


And thats it. Now hang your daughters or your cute hair accessories on it.



I had fun making it. I also had a cute helper assisting me while I did it, so I am gonna post how cute and helpful she was by showing you all this picture of her.


And in the end, I want to show you all my gallery wall that I have been working on above her changing table. Once I finish her nursery I will write a post showing her nursery.


As usual, if anything is not clear on the post, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

Happy crafting,