This is another one of the DIY projects I did for baby Zoe’s nursery. I have been seeing these kind of letters being sold on Etsy in Pinterest a lot and so that’s where I got my inspiration from.


Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of this while I was working on it, but its an easy project and I think you can understand it without the pictures too.

All you need for this project is a wooden frame of your choice (I used a navy wooden frame from hobby lobby, it was 10 dollars), a letter (wooden or any material), paint or paper to cover the letter, some see through lace fabric and hot glue.

First step is to prepare your letter. I painted the letter golden but it was not gold enough ( 😉 ), so I used a gold glitter scrapbook paper and cut it into the shape of Z and glued it on my letter. As I had already painted the letter gold, I did not need to cover every side of the letter but you may need to cover your letter on each side except on the back, if you are not painting it. You can also add some embellishments like the flower I added.

thumb_DSC_0489_1024 thumb_DSC_0490_1024









Next step is to hot glue the lace fabric on the base of the frame (where you are suppose to put the picture on. I used a plane coral/brown paper to cover the back of the frame and put the lace on it, but you can try white paper too, whichever shows your lace pattern more. Once that base is covered by fabric, then glue your letter to the base. This is how it looks from the back (picture below), not good but who cares, its the back.


Finally remove the glass from the front of the frame and put your base/back (I am not sure what the name for it) back in the frame with the letter on it. I got this frame foe 10 bucks from hobby lobby.


That’s it. Its done now.This could be unique and pretty gift for a baby shower too. Hope you would give this a try. Ask any questions you have in the comment section.


Happy crafting,