Another DIY project in the series from Baby Z’s room is here on the blog today. I sew crib sheets a lot for my kids and my friends’ kids and they are pretty easy but this is the first time I made a crib skirt. This crib skirt is a three separate pieces that can be adjusted when you adjust the crib height.


You will need almost 3 yards (at least 2.5 yards) of fabric for this project. Its not that difficult to sew, once you know the measurement. The usual crib is 50 inches by 27 inches and when its at the highest height, its about 16 inches. I only made three sides of my crib skirt as baby Z’s crib is towards the wall on one side. So one long side and two short sides was all I needed for this crib skirt. Each side has two pieces, the top part and bottom ruffle part.


Here are the measurements :

1 Long sides (which is 50 inches by 16 inches): Top part 52 inches by 11 inches, bottom (ruffle) part 104 inches by 7 inches.

2 Short sides (which is 27 inches by 16 inches): Top part 29 inches by 11 inches, bottom (ruffle) part 58 inches by 7 inches.

Below is the table of all the calculations once again.

Sides Top Part Bottom Ruffle Part
Long side 52″X11″ 104″X7″
Short side 29″X11″ 58″X7″

You also need to cut at least 16 strips about 14 inches by 3 inches for tying the skirt to the crib.

First step is to sew the three sides of all the pieces of your skirt to make clean edges. Fold about 1/4 inches first and then 1/2 inch, and then sew it.

Next lets make some ruffles. There are several ways to make ruffles, the one I like to use is making a basting stitch and increasing the tension of your sewing machine to the highest. This make ruffles automatically. Make ruffles out of the bottom ruffle part pieces of your fabric. Now pin the ruffles part to the top part of the pieces of your skirt with the right sides of both the pieces facing in and sew.  You may have to adjust/move the ruffles accordingly to match the top part. Do this for all the three sides. This is how its going to look (picture below).

Next, make the ties with the 16 strips we cut. Fold them in the middle and then open them and fold them again, like a bias tape as shown in the pic. And then sew them, this way you dont have to make a tube and turn it inside out, etc.

Once you have all the strips and the pieces of the skirt ready, next step is to attach them. Use 4 strips each for the short sides of the crib skirt and 8 strips for for the long side. For the short side, attach two strips at each end on the back side of the skirt piece. And for the long side I attached two strips each on 4 places equally spaced out.


Thats it, its done. Now my crib has a metal base, so I tied the strings of the skirt on those metal rail. But if yours has a cardboard/wood base, then you can use push pins and pin the strips of the skirt to the base.


Put the mattress in and its all set for your sweetie pie.


Here is baby Z in her bed. I think she approves.

Happy sewing,