I like my kitchen towel to remain at one place so that I have it when I need to wipe my hands but with little boys and D (my husband) around, the towel is often misplaced, often found on the floor somewhere later. I like to hang it on the oven/stove handle for convenience and so today I want to show you all how to put buttons on your towels, so you can hang them on the handle without the fear of losing them to the floor. Along the way to putting buttons on the towel, you can also embellish them if you wish.

towelsAbove I showed you two towels I buttoned up and beautified ;). Its a very simple project and you can do it all in like an hour. All you need for this project is your kitchen towel, 2 big buttons and some trims or fabric for embellishments. Let’s start.


I like to first put the trims or ribbons on my towels and then do the buttons. So, for the yellow towel I used an orange satin binding that is usually used for binding the edges of baby blankets. I just did a zig-zag stitch to sew the binding to the towel.

For the red towel, I had been a little fancy and added ruffles, lace, and a ric-rac trim :). (That was my first towel thats why the extra effort.)
Next step is to put the buttons. You need to decide where to put the button on the towel, which will depend on where you are hanging the towel, and how low or high you want to hang it. I will give you my measurements (You can use these measurements if you are hanging it from the oven door (or dishwasher door, as I have done.).

From top of the towel to the button : 4 and a half (4.5) inches
From top of the towel to the button hole: 9 and three quarter (9.75)inches

Using your sewing machine first make the button holes and then stitch the button. So change the sewing foot of your sewing machine to the button sewing foot and stitches (mine has stitch 33 especially , and sew two button holes on both ends of your towel on the places according to above measurement or your own. Make sure to use the matching thread.

After that you need to sew the buttons at the back side of the towel because it will go behind the front part of the towel and button up. See the picture below. Use a marker and match the hole to the part of the towel where you are going to sew the button and make a mark there. Now sew your button. Do that to the other button on the other edge of the towel.towel

That’s it. Your kitchen towel is all buttoned up and now you can out it on your oven handle and not worry about some one taking it away.


Happy Sewing!